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Bangkok Day 3

Thursday 22 August 2013

We wanted to visit the floating market.
Headed to Taling Chan Floating Market cause it was the nearest.
Reached there then we realized that floating market aren't open on weekdays!
There are still tours available though. But just for some sightseeing.

Cabbing to our next destination.
Yes. Cabbing as usual. Actually we were quite lucky.
No matter what time we travelled at, we didn't really face any jams.

I think this is a BTM?
It looks like our MRT station.
But they have a lot lesser stations.
So they can't really bring you everywhere.
Walked pass this while going to Terminal21 :)

Terminal21! Pretty umbrella decos :)

Jump jump!
All 3 of us girls too one shot each =P
Photo thanks to alicia's DSLR. Photo stolen from FB so abit low quality.
And abit zao geng (exposed) when I had this shot hahas.
But well... I got safety shorts underneath.
Reason why I always wear safety shorts when I have dresses/skirts on.
Well I photoshopped till you can no longer tell that i got zao geng hahas.
Photoshop rules! =P

When you are at terminal 21, you have to visit every single level's toilets hahahas!
Cause they have super pretty themed toilets for each level =P
We started from the top level.

Hollywood! That's the cinema level.
Only the last photo was taken in the toilet =P
Anyways we were there about 11am and the mall was empty hahas.

Hello San Francisco! I miss you much! :(
Middle photo is the toilet photo.

Level 4. I think it's also San Francisco?
And they have a bakery themed toilet there.

Visited till Istanbul and we got hungry hahahas.
So we went back up to San Francisco level!

Terminal 21, Pier 21 Food Court
Time for some food! 

Pad Thai and Thai Ice Tea! My two fav! :)
Food at Terminal 21 Food court is super cheap.
Pad Thai only 50bhat ($2) and it taste like Aloy Thai Pad Thai =P

Thailand is famous for their mango sticky rice. But... I don't like it at all :(
Don't like the coconut or whatever syrup that they pour over the rice.
The mango was super fresh and sweet though :)
Hmmm and I didn't like their green curry too.
It's not thick at all and super oily.
Those who know me well should know I don't like oily stuffs.
The rest didn't like those two dishes too.
So... we have the same taste when it comes to food! ;)

Done with food, continue with photo spamming =P
Next location: London!

When you see brick walls, take OOTD photos =P

Outfit of the Day
Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Cotton On
Slippers: Havaianas
Bag: Random online shop

I want to go to the real London too! :(

Next up: Tokyo

Ohhhh btw, clothing at each level suites the theme too! ;)

Next, to Paris!
No Eifel Tower though.

When we reach Paris it was kinda crowded already.
And the toilet stinks. So no pic =P
From here onwards, we stop visiting toilet already. Hahahas.

Rome :)

Caribbean :)

Then we went back to Tokyo and bought some ice cream along the way.
That's all for Terminal 21. The things there are expensive.
We went there to see the themed building only.
Didn't really buy much there.

Went back to Platinum Mall to shop!
Had wanted to search for bags so we went to the accessories level (5th floor),
thinking that bags should be considered accessories.
But their accessories are purely accessories like hair ties, hair bands.
Something that I've been wanting to buy but they are so expensive online.
Not something that I really need or I will wear out, just buying cause it's pretty.
The small floral ones which I bought are only 130bhat each :)

Street food time!
The fish was super super fresh! It's a must have!
The rest were just normal.

Then we went back to our hotel - Baiyoke Sky Hotel for their Sky Observatory.

On the way up to the revolving roof deck.
Guess what we found? Pressed penny machine!
My favorite hahahas. Got a whole collection of it in USA =P
So naturally, I made two here as well ;)

Up on the revolving deck. It's super bright up there.
The LED lightings were supposed to be showing words.
But you are so near it till you can't tell what it says =P

At their bar :) Pretty chairs!!! So... spam pics again!

Thing I bought from Day 1 to Day 3.
This is saddening. I'm no longer a shopaholic.
I only buy like that in BKK lehh!
Oh and the photo of the right is the mess I made while taking the left pic.
Roomie says I should take a photo of the mess too hahahas!

Accounting time!
Did this till past 12mn! We started at like 10+pm! Had issues tallying. LOL!
All our cabs and sometimes food were shared costs but one person pay first.
So we had to tally this at the end of afew days so we can return the money.
We didn't have the common fund/pool of money thing cause no one wanted to keep hahas.

That was all for Day3!
Anyways we returned back to the hotel rather early everyday.
Always about 9+ we are back in hotel already.
Except for day 1 cause we went out for late dinner.
Will be blogging about Day 4 soon! :)


  1. Where is day 4 ? haha

    1. Hello :) Here it is: http://www.katelyn-tan.blogspot.sg/2013/09/bangkok-day-4.html