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Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013 Collections Preview

Saturday 19 October 2013

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013 Collections Preview!
The event was held at Ngee Ann City B2 Atrium :)
We reached on the dot and many people were there already!

Brought Jocelyn to the event as my +1 :)

Start of event!
It's sort of like a runway showcase ;)

Opening speech from Bobbi Brown's General Manager (hope I didn't remember wrongly).

Look at the crowd above!
Everyone's interested in what Bobbi Brown is showcasing! :)

Next, Bobbi Brown Trainer, Sophion Loh was invited up onto the stage.
When the models went up on stage,
he introduced their facial features and what sort of makeup suited them.

Can you believe the above models are all 40+ years old?!
Bobbi Brown products suited them all so well and they all look young.

All the models with their respective makeup artist :)

Next, it was a make up demo by Sophion Loh himself.
Bobbi Brown isn't only suited for 40 and up.
It's suited for all ages! The model her is in her early 20s!

That was the end of the showcase and it was time for us to take a look at the products!

Hollywood Glam, Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013 Collection!
The hot red lip gloss looks super pretty!

On another counter they showed some of the gift sets that Bobbi Brown has.
The packagings are mad pretty. Anyone wants to get me one some for Christmas? #greedygirl hahas.

P.S Sophion Loh mentioned that if you take care of Bobbi Brown Brushes
they can be used for more than 10years!

Photo with the stage as a backdrop =P

Next we collected our goodie bags from Bobbi Brown.
Continue reading to find out what's inside ;)

Photo with the goodie bag and media kit on the red carpet.
Yes there was a red carpet and professional photographers there!

Another photo with Jocelyn :)

And now... for the stuffs in the goodie bag.
I was so excited to find out what was in the bag!

The Bobbi Brown team packed it super nicely!
I felt as though Christmas came early! =P

Look at how generous the Bobbi Brown team was!
And there's their signature gel eyeliner inside too!
Can't wait to try all of them.
Will be reviewing them in another post.
That's all for now ;)

Feel free to comment what are your favorite products from Bobbi Brown!
I know they have awesome correctors and gel eyeliner :)


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