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Carlo Rino Fall/Winter 2013 Showcase

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Attended Carlo Rino's Fall/Winter 2013 Showcase at PODIUM Plaza Singapura!

They have lots of pretty collections!

Carlo Rino has lots of pretty designs lately!
My favorite has got to be the ones in the last photo!
They've got some pretty boston bags too.
But they weren't showcased there.
Eyeing the boston bags too =P

Since it's my favorite, must take more photos with it.
P.S all the photos without watermark were taken from Yingjie :)

The black and the red one are both so pretty!
I love pink but... I don't read like to carry bright color stuffs on me.

Yummy food at the event.
Love their mushroom soup!

Love Yingjie's camera!
My face looks sharper in all photos.
Don't even need to photoshop at all =P

Next up was time for the showcase!

Pretty bags with pretty models!
Their legs all so skinny and long! *jealous*

After showcasing some up the bags, next it was time for the main showcase.
The Studded Beanie Bag!

SONEs all of you will love this bag.
It's K-pop inspired and I think Carlo Rino collaborated with SNSD for this bag!
So a nickname for this bag is the girls generation bag ;)

After the showcase, there was a k-pop performance!
They danced to a SNSD medley and I know all the songs :)

A selca with the bags behind :)
Really like that bag! How?! :(

Here's a photo with the GIANT studded beanie bag.
I don't mind bringing this home too... =P

That's all for this blog post!
Feel free to share with is your favorite in the comment box below! :)

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