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[Review] Make Up For Ever Pro Finish

Sunday 17 November 2013

Was invited to try out Make Up For Ever's new Pro Finish foundation
at their newly renovated corner at Ngee Ann City Sephora!
Their shop is super pretty! I love the makeup area!

Photo at the make up area!
Here is where MUFE's artist will test your shades for you, etc.

I've always wanted such a make up mirror at home!
Nearly bought one but it never did happen hahas.

- online description -
With its transforming texture, PRO FINISH is the 1st multi-use powder foundation that allows you to fully customize your finish and coverage level. Formulated with exclusive bio-mimetic coated pigments, its breakthrough formula can be used wet or dry. Apply it wet for a sheer semi-matte perfection or dry for a full coverage, matte result.

For oily skin, it is recommended to apply dry.
For dry skin, it is recommended to apply wet.

Created with talc lightweight formula, its texture is long lasting, has buildable coverage with no chalky effect and easily blends for a perfect professional result in just minutes. Enriched with hydrating ingredients, PRO FINISH corrects and evens the complexion without drying our the skin. Choose from its wide range of shades to find your perfect match.

There are 25 shades available!
You are bound to find one that fully matches your skin tone and color!

MUFE's makeup artist helped me picked my shade.
And… she is super pro! The first shade she picked is the correct one!
She gave me two shades to try, the other was two shades lighter.
Anyways my initial foundation was only removed for half the face.
So for the photo above, left is purely my initial foundation, right is purely MUFE Pro Finish.
After that, MUFE Pro Finish was applied on the other side without removing the initial foundation.
And… it looks as matte and non-cakey! All you have to do is to blot first ;)

Tips when choosing your foundation:
Always go a shade lighter.
Cause whatever you apply on your skin will oxidize.
When it oxidize, the color will turn darker!

See the foundation applied on the right.
It suits my natural color (neck color) right?
While on the left it is the foundation I had on since morning.
It has oxidized and it looked darker than my natural skin tone!

The Pro Finish foundation provides a medium to full coverage.
I was told that it can somewhat give a light coverage too.
For light coverage: use a brush
For medium coverage: lightly swipe with a sponge
For full coverage: dap on with a sponge

Here is my Pro Finish foundation!
I am using 120 Neutral Ivory.
P.S increasing number does not mean it is of a darker shade.
Cause the numbers are arranged according to their tone and color!

I was told that I should be a neutral.
From what I know, you can look at the veins on your wrist to know what is your undertone.
Blue means you have a cool undertone. Green means you have a warm undertone.
For me, I have blueish green veins LOL so I am a neutral I guess.

Also, I was told that can know your undertone by looking at
what type of accessories and lip color looks best on you.
For me, I am ok with both gold and silver accessories.
As for lip color, it would be pink! :)

My overall review:
I love this foundation. It is really smooth and not cakey even though it was later applied over another foundation. This product can be use at a finishing powder too. I think the texture and finish is comparable to those mad expensive high end brands! Also, I love how MUFE made all 25 shades available in Singapore. It is irritating how some brands only bring in like 5 out of 15 colors, thinking that those 5 shades will definitely suit majority skin types. But the moment you have that skin color that it neither here nor there, you can never find a perfect shade with those. But with MUFE's 25 shades Pro Finish, you can surely find a true match regardless of what skin tone and skin color you have ;)

All the goodies I received from Make Up For Ever that day :)
I have already reviewed the Holidays collection and Smokey Extravagant ;)

As for this Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealor,
I'm sure I don't need to intro it anymore.
It has been highly raved in the States (reason why I bought my first).
I've reviewed it on my blog before - Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealor Review.
It covers up really really really well and it is waterproof!
The shade I bought was shade 8 which it no longer my shade.
It used to be my shade when I just came back from the States cause I was tanned then.
But as my skin color slowly lightens, (since that review post) it no longer suit me.
I'm currently a shade 6 hahahas.

Anyways, my study buddy uses this too!
She is super cute. She told me she splashed water on her face after applying this.
And she could see the water droplets on her skin.
I was like "I did that before as well hahahas". It is really waterproof and it won't budge.
Please take my word for this product and get one yourself.
And… do go down to the stores to get help on picking the correct shade!

That's all for this post!
Thank you MUFE for always being so generous! :)

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