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[Review] Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge

Friday 17 January 2014

Blogged about the Za Spring/Summer Launch Party sometime back.
Now it's time to review the star of the launch party!
Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge
It comes in 8 new shades with asian-flattering pink undertones!

List of Ingredients :)

Secret 1 - Glossy Color Effect

[Shade PS481]

Lipstick color layer is firmly locked in by gloss layer so that the glossy, rich coors can last.
Step 1: Both contents of lipstick & gloss are evenly mixed
Step 2: The gloss content seeps out to the surface by rubbing your lips together
Step 3: The gloss layer is formed and locks the lipstick layer inside.
So it's rich color of lipstick + Glamorous shine of lip gloss!

Secret 2 - Ultra Fit Applicator

Feature 1:
Appropriate amount of liquid is held in the curve of the applicator tip

Feature 2:
The spoon-shaped curve perfectly fits your lips

As you can tell, the colors are very pigmented!

My Review:
I'm a fan of pink lip colors and I love how the Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge series has a nice range of pink shades. The applicator is great as it is able to take up a lot of product with only one dip so I won't have to keep dipping it into the container over and over again. I don't use lip gloss frequently as they usually tend to be overly sticky. However, the Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge is smooth, is able to leave your lips with a tint of color and it has a nice glossy finish that is not overly sticky. On days when I want it to look less glossy on my lips, all I have to do is to blot once. After blotting, it will not be as glossy but there will still be color and a smooth finish. That's how I usually wear the Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge. Will definitely recommend this product to my family and friends as I feel that it's a really versatile product.

That's all for this review!
Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge will be retailing at $18.90 each,
available in Watsons from 30th Jan 2014 onwards!

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