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San Diego Day 2

Monday 20 January 2014

Guess where is this?
It's the carpark of...
Ok the header gave it away -.-

Mission Bay Beach!

I'm in the dress I bought the day before at F21! :)
If I didn't remember wrongly, the 3 of us who shopped at F21 wore our new buys the next day.

Photo with Kuan Yee :)
It's mad cold in the morning!
So we all had our jackets zipped up =P

Girls' jump shot!

Then the birds flew past in a formation!

Guy's jump shot!

The sea!
P.S actually I think it's quite dirty.
Lots of seaweeds/sea plants/whatever it is around!

Kuan Yee took this for me.
While I was walking into the waters for a photo hehex.

In the water!
The water is super cold hahas.

Guys + Kuan Yee ;)

Group shots!

Random photo of the lonely bird.

A photo in the water :)

Photo with Jasmine :)

Photo with Amelia :)

The two Jas taking photos with the word "Jas".
Jasper and Jasmine :)

Midvale Family without Yusho.
So they added in a stickman to represent him hehex.

With Carine :)

Back to the car park.
P.S Spot the amusement park behind!
Next up...

SeaWorld San Diego!

Here is the park map.
Image from SeaWorld San Diego

Dolphin Stadium
First we caught the dolphin show.
We didn't have any plans there.
Just walked around and see what are the show timings.

A random photo.
It should be prettier at night though :/
Update: I came to realize that this might be the sky tower ride LOL

Shamu Stadium
Next was Shamu (killer whale) show!

When everyone's still dry hehex.
Cause... we reached there rated late (or on time) and we sat at the wet zone hahas.

Huge huge killer whale!
And... really naughty indeed.
Keep splashing. I sacrificed my camera to take the photos okay.
Kidding. Actually I only took my camera out when I knew it wasn't gonna splash.
Most of the time my camera is hidden under my jacket.
Removed my jacket to cover my camera ok hahas.
Good thing that I removed my jacket though.
Cause my jacket ended up somewhat dry.
And it kept me from feeling cold afterwards =P
The place is sunny but also windy at the same time.

Drenched and opps my camera lens got some drops of water too!
Quickly cleaned the lens after this photo else my sis will kill me for it.

Everyone's drenched! Hahahas.

We all went to the restroom to dry ourselves a lil.
Still quite wet but at least not soaked.

Time to have a turkey leg! :) Yums!
I think we had grilled corns too.
Didn't take a photo of it though.
Btw corns in USA are really sweet and yummy!

After eating we continued walking and...

Dolphin Point/Dolphin Encounter
We passed by the dolphin training/touch pool or whatever it's called.
Didn't get to touch any dolphins though.
They kept swimming elsewhere and the place was too crowded.

Next up, a roller coaster ride! Yay!

They have this bat ray feeding area there too.
I think that's where we touched the stingrays and starfishes!

Then somewhere in-between we took the
Shipwreck Rapids
It's those usual round water ride like the one in USS.
And yes we got wetter than before.
And I came to realize one thing.
My dress is sort of water proof LOL!
Water can soak up the dress but not much water will flow to touch my skin.
Either the dress is waterproof or super absorbent lols.

Passed by but didn't enter.
I suppose there are fishes in there?

Next, an aerobic + water show.
I have no idea what is this show called.
Cause it seems like it has been removed from the list :O

I have no idea why I took this photo HAHAHAS!

Shark Encounter
Next we went to meet some sharks ;)

Baby shark pool. If I didn't remember wrongly, you can touch the sharks there!
Speaking of touch pool, we went to touch stingray and starfishes too!
Didn't take a photo though. They have a touch pool somewhere in the park.

Hello shark and two fishes.

Had my jacket over me right after the show.
We were still wet but when the wind blows, it's really cold!

A group photo with the shark teeth.
As you can see, my camera was in my hand.
Photo stolen from Weida hahas.

Sea Lion and Otter Stadium
Sea Lion show, mainly sea lion, the otter only pops out here and there in the show.
Anyways they are super smart okay! The Sea Lions can dance!!!

Penguin Encounter
Here you can see all sorts of penguins!

Wild Arctic
Here they have different types of animals that live in the cold.
P.S Strangely polar bears are always sleeping regardless of which zoo/park we visit!

Journey to Atlantis.
Well... we decided not to take another water ride cause we were somewhat dry already!

That's actually all that we did at the park!
We went in a circle (if you realized) and covered almost everything :)
I was typing halfway and wanted to say "We didn't take the sky tower ride, not sure why"
And I realized that I walked passed the sky tower ride without knowing that it's a ride LOL.
Maybe that's why we all didn't take that ride?
Or was I the only one who didn't know it's a ride? Opps.
Anyways I don't think there's much to see up there too.
Prolly just the skyline of Seaworld San Diego?

By the time we left Seaworld it was dinner time :)
Weida brought us to The Old Spaghetti Factory to eat!

The food we ordered and shared :)

Guess what?
We saw a pinkberry outlet there!
Actually we saw it while we were walking there hahahas.

How can we not have a pinkberry when we see it right? =P

That's all for the day.
After that we drove all the way back to LA!
So we reached LA on a saturday night and sunday became a slack day hahas.
The next USA post will be Week 3 of LA and it will start from Sunday ;)

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