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Los Angeles Week 3

Sunday 16 March 2014

Really haven't been able to find the time to blog :(
This was drafted weeks ago. I merely added the summary photo before posting today.

Anyways this is gonna be a long Sunday to Sunday blog post!
Back in LA on a Saturday, spent Sunday resting (or I think there was an upcoming quiz).
Monday to Thursday spent in school.
Friday went to a theme park (six flags) in LA.
Saturday was shopping day.
Sunday was beach day cause the rest went to sky dive!
I wanted to sky dive but my dad threatened me -.-
He was like "if you go without my permission, i will ban you from traveling in the future". Boo.

Anyway, here are the details of the week!
P.S All my LA Week photos are mostly of a lower quality cause most were taken using my S2 then.


Sunday - 8 July 2012

Chilled the whole day and we had a simple dinner.
We don't have a rice cooker so we used the microwave plate (from hungryman) to make our rice.
Usually we would borrow the rice cooker from xinci!

Caught a late night movie - The Amazing Spider-man!

It was a super cold night and we were freezing!
All of us were is our jackets and yet were still freezing lols.
LA is really cold at night. Love such cold weathers though.
Photo stolen from Amelia's Facebook ;)


Monday - 9 July 2012

My favorite salad! Love the salad bar in school cause they have lots of varieties.
They charge by weight. I think mine usually costs about $4 or $5+.
Sometimes we would buy back, sometimes we would eat in the canteen.
And sometimes... on the grass in school! Hahas.

That day I baked a cake together with Joy.
We were baking cheesecake from scratch.
Couldn't find any lemon around so we used lemon juice instead LOL.
After that then Amelia told us that there were lemons in the fridge :/ Blur us.

The cake! It still came out fine though hehex.

At night we had dinner in school!
Paid $10 (I think) for a meal in their hall.
It's buffet style and they have a variety of food.

We all just randomly take food and share.
Filling yes, yummy not really (I feel).
But must experience eating in school too what! =P


Tuesday - 10 July 2012

Gym again. I think that was the only two times we went to the gym?

Hello my favorite salad!
Maybe I should start making salads at home!
I always order them with lettuce, peas, corns, chicken meat and a few croutons.

Time to eat our cheesecake!
I think it tastes ok? Hahahas!
Of course it would be better if it is thicker.

Dinner that day! Midvale party!
Okays kidding. But we always invite others over for dinner.
Cause our apartment is bigger so it's easier to have gatherings!
If i didnt remember wrongly, the guys dabao the food back from noodle world :)


Wednesday - 11 July 2012

Nongshim party!
So apparently, all of us like nongshim =P
I brought the orange ones while Joy brought the red ones.
Yes we brought maggie mee from SG to USA hahahas.
It was meant for lazy days!

Nongshim + Vege + Nuggets.
Kuan Yee made seaweed too!


Thursday - 12 July 2012

The view of the school while...

lying on the grass!

That's the view behind us.
We were lying on a downslope :)

After taking the photos, I napped a lil too.
The weather there is really nice.
The grass there is really clean and no bugs one!
I will never do this in Singapore -.-

After napping we went to have ice cream!
$1 ice cream cone at malibu ice cream shop near school.

Salad + Broccoli + Bah Kut Teh (if I'm not wrong).
Amelia brought the Bah Kut Teh sachet to USA :)


Friday - 13 July 2012

It's the day for Six Flags!
I wasn't scared of roller coasters after taking so many in USA.
But I was scared of six flags ones cause everyone say till it's very scary!
Anyways their rides are really awesome! Whee!
Became a roller coaster lover after going to USA =P

We got our tickets at UCLA ticket office.
Can't remember how much we got ours then. I think it was $33 or $40?
I keep remember that there was a ticket which we got at $33. Not sure which one.
Anyways UCLA students check the prices at the UCLA ticket office before buying online!
The price is usually better in school ;)

(Note: Most photos from Amelia's camera again. I didn't bring my DSLR)

Note: They don't allow outside food and drinks!
They made us finish our sandwiches and drinks outside before entering :(
They were rather strict on this that time.

Also, quite a number of rides don't allow bags on rides!
So bring $1 coins for the one time use lockers ;)

Six Flags Magic Moutain!

Midvale peeps! The Gayley peeps joined us a lil later ;)

Solo photos :)
Spam photos at the entrance first hahahas!

Six Flags Magic Mountain (LA)
26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy
Valencia, CA, United States

Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Map!
image from Six Flags

Tip: Go early and take the popular rides first (when there still aren't many people in the park)
We read lots of online reviews that the queues are very long and stuff
and were wondering if we should get their flash pass!
Well... end up we didn't need the flash pass and we covered all (except one) of the max thrills rides!
Just go early ;)

Queuing for our first ride!

This is one of the most popular rides there if I didn't remember wrongly.
This ride is NICE! It's rather unique cause you are sort of lying down on your back during the ride.
The seats will rotate so somethings you are on your back and sometimes you are on your front.
Kuan Yee and I were sitting on the last row so our views weren't blocked at all.
That girl was super scared lols. I was scared but still calm. I think it's cause I haven't wake up lols.
Totally awake after this ride hahahas.

Met up with the Gayley peeps after our X2 ride.

After this ride I think we queued for Viper
but there was something wrong with the ride so it was closed for awhile.

Front to back:
Amelia, Jasper, Me, Kuan Yee, Weida, Dicky, Carine, Charleston, Sandra, Dan

Photos taken the first time we queued.
Reached the stairs and they told us the ride was closed.

If I didn't remember wrongly, we went for food at Panda Express since ride was close.
After food then we went back to Viper.

This ride was ok. Usual seated roller coaster with many many many loops lols.

Anyways, I screamed -.- Here's what happened.
We were seated upright.
Then after locking and everything, you would think they will just move right?
But no. This ride you will be lying on your front (like flying like that) so... they tilted our seats.
Kuan Yee screamed. I got a shock and screamed too LOL.
Nice ride I like this kind of flying rides too!
You will feel like you are flying, have a good view of the place and have wind on your face!

This ride actually makes people nauseous.
It twists and turns a lot!

Another unique ride! You take this ride standing!
One problem was that it's hard to push the seat down.
So you have to climb onto the seat, try to lower yourself till your feet touches the ground.
Then you will be standing up straight.
But the seats were so stiff! We had a hard time forcing it down LOL.

P.S Really thankful to Amelia that day!
She knows I always take a lot of photos in park and she offered to help me take photos that day!

LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom
When we were still on the ground,
we were counting how many seconds it will stay up before it drops hahahas.
Sandra, Weida, Carine, Dan took the ride first cause we had 9 people taking the ride (must split).
When we were up there, we could see the rest below hahahas (hence we waved).
P.S We were laughing instead of screaming cause we caught the timing that it would fall.
Amelia didn't take this ride.
She's ok with roller coasters but she don't take such drop rides.
So photos all taken by her below.

Another nice ride with a HUGE drop hahahas.
We took this ride twice. Once all together seated in the middle rows.
Second time we paired up and took turns to seat on the first row.
Rule for the second round was to not hold the handlebar at all (got photo evidence one lols).
I took the ride with Sandra. Sandra so poor thing scared till she cried.

No photos for this ride cause Amelia and Dan wasn't feeling well.
We went one of the eating places, some of them were hungry so they got some food.
After eating, Amelia stayed there while we went to take the ride.
Four per row. This time some of us wanted to take the first row.
So we split into two turns to take the rides.

SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton
Another nice ride! It was super windy your hair will be in a total mess after the ride lols.
We took this ride twice. Some took 3 times cause we split up into groups of 4 and 3.
And the one in the group of 4 will ask if he/she can take with us again hahas.

Went to the shop and tried their random shades.
Kuan Yee's wearing her Batman cape and Dan with his Superman cape.

A last group photo before leaving the place!

Along the atas streets.
Went to find a place for dinner!


Saturday - 14 July 2012

Breakfast at iHOP! :) Yums!

Next we went to Camarillo Premium Outlet!
It's the huge huge outlet that you can never complete in a day!
Cause even the shops are far apart -.-
You have to cross roads to get from one part of the mall to another!
This is the outlet that we usually visit when in L.A.
About a 1hrs drive from Midvale Avenue (our apartment).

Camarillo Premium Outlet
740 E Ventura Blvd, Camarillo, CA 93010

Johnny Rockets for dinner!


Sunday - 15 July 2012

Photo with a rainier cherry!
Cherries there are really sweet.
Rainier cherries are pretty - ombre color one!

Sunday most of them went sky diving! *emo can't go, cut the long story short, i was threatened*
So Me, Amelia, Joy and Charleston went to Venice Beach!

*photo spam*
(Note: Mix photos. All have my blog water mark but some are from Amelia!)

We had a car to the four of us that day :)

While walking to the beach itself!

Photo with Amelia!
The two of us stayed to look after the stuffs first.
I didn't bring my DSLR. Amelia uploaded the photos into my lappy in USA :)
Thank you Amelia! She helped me take lots of photos!
Halfway she even lent me her cam too hehex.
Eg. Some of the photos below hahahas.

Tanning time! Tummy very white, like penguin :/
And after quite some time, it was finally our turn to walk around! :)

After spending enough time in the water, we went back onto the sand!

Came across this group of people playing their own instruments and creating their own music!
Then many people were dancing around the area. Definitely something you don't really see in SG.

They got a skateboarding area there as well!
Lots of pros there. Some kids are really good too!

One group photo :)
Then we left the beach (sandy area).

Marijuana anyone? Lots of "doctors" there! -.-
The whole place smell of weed (a.k. marijuana).

Pretty dream catchers!
Why didn't I buy one then?

Left the the Venice beach area after taking these photos!

Next we headed to 3rd Street Promenade!

3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA

In the carpark!

Buskers everywhere.
They have lots of people who can sing well there too!

A&F! The outlet we always go to try our clothes hahas.
Tip: Abercrombie & Fitch stuffs are cheaper online, they always have lots of sales online.
Their online prices are usually better than store price.
So what we do is we go to store to try the size, then buy when we are back at home lols.

Hungry! So... Dinner time!

Decent food. Not cheap if I didn't remember wrongly.

How can we not get a cup of Pinkberry when we pass by one? =P


That's all for the week!
Long post right?
Next USA post will be on LA Week 4 ;)


  1. So funny, all of you are wearing short shorts at the cinema, and wondering why it's so cold! Hhahahaha! Cover your legs lah!!!

  2. Hahas initially it was ok. We weren't cold in the cinema too. But the night decided to turn windy and chilly after we left the cinema ><