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Make Up For Ever - Make Up School @ Ngee Ann City + Tutorial

Thursday 20 March 2014

I'm back with another post!
Here's one for Make Up For Ever.
P.S Their makeup products took the place of my past go-to-products!
My current go-to-products are mostly from Make Up For Ever.
Continue reading to know why ;)

Note: Those text with hyperlinks are links to reviews I did in the past.


Let's start with my make up lesson at Make Up For Ever's MAKE UP SCHOOL!
I went to the outlet at Ngee Ann City for a one hour lesson on basic/everyday look makeup. 

Make Up For Ever has their own separate area at Ngee Ann City Sephora.

Lesson/makeover area.

All the cleaning stuffs for you to remove whatever dirt/makeup you have on your face.
Also, there are disposable sponges and even mascara applicator!
So you don't have to worry that you have to use what others used before. Hygienic right?

A make up profile for you to record the steps that you did and products used.

I didn't write anything on the booklet myself cause Amber help me do all of those!
She helped me fill up some stuffs after each part. Eg. Face, Eye, Lips. So sweet of her right?
P.S Amber is one of MUFE's Make Up Artiste.

Now I will list all the products I used on my face that day!
In-between I will also slot in a couple of reviews :)
And I will have a tutorial at the end (using most of these products).

First Photo: All the basics for a flawless skin!
Left to Right:
1. HD Elixir (to hydrate your skin)
2. All Mat Primer (matifying base)
3. HD Primer (green to color correct skin redness)
4. HD Foundation
5. HD Invisible Cover Concealor
6. HD Microfinish Powder

Second Photo: Contouring!
Right side Top to Bottom:
1. Powder Blush
2. Contour Kit

Your make up artiste will help you choose your shades and products suited for your skin.
Then you will be taught how to make use of these products to achieve flawless smooth skin!
Eg. when concealing, dap the concealor directly on problem areas then spread out the corners.
Here you will also learn how to use coutour powder and blush to make your face look slimmer!

[Review: HD Primer in Green]

The green primer may look a lil scary but...
it's actually just a light hint of green to cancel out the redness on the skin!

[Review: HD Invisible Concealor]

Got to try a new concealor and I would say this has a medium coverage.
If I have really huge pimples, this won't be able to cover them.
This is where I will recommend MUFE Full Cover Concealor! My fav!
But still I love how this concealor is light weight and almost "invisible" looking.

[Review: HD Foundation]

Love how light weight this foundation is.
It give medium to full coverage and is buildable :)
They have lots of shades available. You are bound to find you exact match!

[Review: HD Microfinish Powder]

Love how MUFE packaged their powder.
It has this soft sifter so you won't have to pour out the powder and make a mess out of it ;)
I know some of you ladies are worried if it will leave a white cast.
The thing is... don't apply too much. Just a think layer will do.
I used this many times and even took photos under flash and yupps no white cast :)
This product is light, mattifies and leaves the skin smooth.

For natural looking eyes!
1. Eyeshadow
2. Eye Brow Pencil
3. Aqua Eyes Eyeliner

P.S I realized I forgot to take photo of most of the eye products used.
Anyways, I'm using similar shades of eyeshadows in the tutorial later.
Here I was taught how to create a natural everyday eye look.

[Review: Aqua Eyes Eyeliner]
I can use it to draw thin/thick lines.
P.S I didn't sharpen the eyeliner before drawing the thin line.
Rubbed my wrist till it turned red and it only faded a lil, no smudges at all!
Washed it under water and it was still intact too, no smudges :)

Pretty pink lips!
Left to Right:
1. Lip Gloss
2. Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
3. Aqua Lip Water Proof Lipliner

A photo with Amber!
Amber did the left side of my face for me while I did the right.
That's how you slowly learn step by step ;)
Thank you Amber for teaching me new make up tips!

Above is the brochure for MUFE's MAKE UP SCHOOL!
The one which I attended is the 75mins complete make up lesson.


Now time for a Make Up Tutorial!

All the products used for this tutorial!
Most of which are my current go to makeup products.

I will be listing the products used in each step.
Will also do a couple of reviews along the way :)

Step 1: Prime the face + Conceal blemishes
Products used: HD Primer in Green + HD Invisible concealor

Step 2: Apply foundation on the whole face
(I like to apply excess foundation on my lips so it acts as a lip concealor too)
Product used: HD Foundation

Step 3: Contour and highlight the nose
You can also use it to contour your forehead and jawline for a looking slimmer face!
Product used: Contour Kit

P.S I didn't use any blush here. Will have a separate post for the blush! ;)

I don't have MUFE's brow pencil with me.
Did my brow using the method Amber taught me :)
Line 1 is where the brow should start.
Line 3 is where the brow should end.
Line 2 is where the curve should be.

Step 1: Fill the whole lid "Metallic Taupe" eyeshadow

Step 2: Use "Espresso" eyeshadow on the outer 1/3 of the eye
(I applied the same eyeshadow near the lash line too)

Step 3: Apply on the "Gold Pink" eyeshadow below the
lower lash linefor a aegyo sal effect

Step 4: Draw a thin line near the upper lash line
Product used: Aqua Eyes Eyeliner

Step 5: Line the lower waterline
Product used: Aqua Eyes Eyeliner

Step 6: Apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes

Step 1: Conceal your lips
(Optional: line your lips using a lip pencil)

Step 2: Apply a light pink shade (N21 Natural) on the lips

Step 3: Apply a dark pink shade (37 Intense) to the center of
the lips, for a smooth gradient effect use your fingers to blend

This is the swatches for the lip palette I used - Rouge Artist Lip Palette in Warm Pink Shades.
You can find my review here: Route Artist Lip Palette by MUFE

Here's the final look!


Shall end this blog post with some good news for all of you! :)
1. Head over to Make Up For Ever SG Facebook Page for a freebie!

2. Join them for a COMPLIMENTARY FLASH MAKEOVER at their Beauty Pit Stop
& HD Test Studio and stand a chance to win $150 worth of MUFE products!
Location: Sephora Ion
Period: 6 March to 2nd April 2014

Do pop by the event or any MUFE's counters to try their products!
You will fall in love with MUFE. Trust me ;)

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