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[Review] 65Daigou vs Taobao Direct

Saturday 12 April 2014

Most of you know I shop a lot from USA websites.
What you all might not know is that... I shop on Taobao too!
P.S If you don't know what is TaoBao, it's a Chinese website for online shopping!
Those who follow my Dayre would know that this girl here has been shopping quite a bit :/

Anyways, I have been using 65daigou to get my taobao stuffs!

Bag and Parka which I wore in HongKong was bought from taobao (through 65daigou).
Got the bag at ~$15, Parka at ~$23.
Prices excluding shipping and agent fee.

My most recent buys from Taobao :)
The flats are ~$6 each! Mad worth it! Super comfy too =P
Sadly those are my sisters'. I'm gonna buy a pair for myself too!


Okays, I am aware that you can now buy directly from taobao but I still use 65daigou because...

1. Fuss-free shopping with good services!
All the ordering will be done by 65daigou. Also, after you receive your items, if there are any issues with your order, 65Daigou will help you liaise with the shop too! Fuss-free shopping for me! Yay!

And if you have any enquiries, 65Daigou replies enquiries within one working day! When I first used 65daigou, being a crazy shopaholic, I shopped on two consecutive days :/ So in the end, I wanted to check if I could combine the shipment to save some money. I didn't really know how 65daigou worked then and I was lazy (opps) and a little too busy that day to read all the instructions so I contacted their customer service straight lols. I always shop without reading instructions one. Don't ask me why. Btw I am not recommending this. They have every bit of detail that you require on their website so please do read the details. But anyways, guess that? THEY REPLIED ME ON THE DAY ITSELF! Okays sometimes in one working day, maybe cause they were too busy? But it really surprised that they actually replied on the day itself cause most customer service that I've seen actually takes 3 working days to reply. Their customer service representative taught me how to combine my shipments in the future, and even fixed it for me (placed everything on hold) without me asking! Good service I would say :)


2. Repacking (save shipping costs)
It is true that on TaoBao direct you can save the agent fee but they have credit card surcharge! In addition, on 65Daigou you can save shipping costs as they will repack your orders. For instance you buy stuffs from 5 different shops. This means you will have 5 boxes regardless of how empty the boxes are. Shipping costs are charged based on volumetric weight. Imagine 5 boxes which are rather empty, won't the shipping fee cost quite a bit?! But at 65Daigou, they will repack it for you into one plastic bag, unless goods are fragile or easily damaged, they will keep it in the original box). This way, the volumetric weight will be much lesser and that can save you quite a bit of money! Volumetric weights are usually more than actual weights unless your item is mad heavy. Without boxes, only actual weights will be considered.

This is how my items usually arrive - in one plastic bag :) In addition, since it is pack in a plastic bag, it is really easy for me to self collect and carry it home.

P.S If you notice, there is a box in my plastic bag. That's cause the bag which I ordered is prone to scratches, so they kept the box. 65Daigou will check all packages to see if they are suitable to be packed in plastic bags or should be kept in box.

Tip: If you don't mind risking having your items damaged, you can put everything on hold, don't ship it yet, send them an enquiry asking them to remove the box. There's definitely some risk. So it depends whether you want to save the money and risk it or not. For me, I could have saved ~$10 without the box :/ But that bag was rather ex so I didn't want to risk it.


3. Lots of methods of delivery
They have courier services to your doorstep, self collection at MRT stations, self collection at their place, and even self collection at neighborhood areas! If you want to save a little bit of money, you can opt for self collection! I always opt for self collection cause there's one just a 3mins walk away from my place =P


4. TaoBao direct is in chinese!
I know sometimes they have options to change the language to English but for some strange reason that option is not always on (or it is only my computer?). It's already a chore having to search for items in chinese. Checkout my cart in chinese? No thanks! I have problems figuring out which field is for what :/ For those who don't know, I read chinese words really very slowly hahahas. 65Daigou on the other hand is in english! So if there are any issues, you can communicate with the customer service easily too :)

TaoBao Direct
No joke to cart out in chinese -.-

Fully in english! :)


5. Find other customers' recent purchases on 65Daigou!
I know TaoBao allows you to see what's popular. But they don't categorize it by country! On 65Daigou, you can find recent buys by those people living in Singapore! 

Why is this important? Cause what's suitable for one country might not be suitable for another. For example it's winter in China but Singapore is summer all year round. Their top selling products might be winter wear but what we need is summer clothing!


Now time for me to go and buy stuffs from taobao using 65Daigou again! :)

Register with 65daigou now!

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  1. well i have spending like thousandsss already thru 65daigou, my frank opinion,
    taobao is pure addiction, quality SO SO only .. unless you really know your stuff.

    65daigou? is juz another company making money here, send a broken box, offer 30percent discount make u feel good, or try arrange return, charge U agent fee, then say return period over … or seller object, simply no responsibility. it is always others problem courier, seller, process etc .. payment cash/transfer .. money out BYE BYE

    my xperience.
    2 to 3k sgd
    order thru amazon, vpost payment credit card or paypal, any problem halt payment raise dispute. no problem

    1 to 2k
    order thru qoo10, cash, installment , credit card … normally OK no issue .. qoo10 dispute and credit card co always there to support..

    taobao support sg credit card now .. sending direct also supported .. rethink ur opttion ..
    i m quiting daigou … too many incident and nonsenical reason .. .KNS

    1. Hello! Yupps I've ordered a lot from 65daigou too. All my friends are using 65daigou too. It's indeed addictive to shop on taobao and it's really important to read reviews when shopping. I'm sorry about your encounter with 65daigou but I have to say my experience with 65daigou for taobao shipping has been not bad.

      For 65daigou I would definitely recommend using them for Taobao shipping but not USA shipping. I tried shipping USA stuffs using 65daigou and the experience was horrible. The system does not update fast enough and there was just too much delays. But their taobao shipping is really not bad as they repack at no additional costs and if an item is damage (and you bought insurance), they would also refund you. Actually I feel they are responsible and they really do liaise with the sellers. They've sent me screenshots of their chats before. To be fair, if the china seller really rejects the refund, I doubt there is anything they can do about it too? That's just my two cents, but of course everyone can have different experience and they are all worth considering before making any purchases.

      Conclusion (based on my experience): Shipping taobao stuffs through 65daigou is ok and recommended. Shipping usa stuffs through 65daigou is not recommended (I've ranted on twitter before).

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