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[Review] Jacqueline Burchell Pink Gradient Collection

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Here's another review for Jacqueline Burchell!
I did a review for them last year too - Jacqueline Burchell 2013 Review
I like how their nail polish are chip-free and stuck on well to my nails.
I have itchy fingers and like to scratch nail polish off hahas.
But Jacqueline Burchell's nail polishes are stuck on really well
to the extent I can't really scratch them off on the first few days =P

My favorite shade from them is still "Behave!"
I think they discontinued that :( But there is a similar shade in this collection!

Left to Right:
1. Mr Perfect
2. See You Honey
3. Next Stop, Stars
4. Aint in Love
5. Trouble in Winter

I like every single shade from this collection!
I love pastel pink nail polishes and the red here happened to be my fav dark oxblood red =P


Here are the swatches!
I swatch them respectively from my pink finger to my thumb :)

1st Application
As you can see, Shades 1, 2, 5 are rather sheer.

2nd Application
Most parts of the nails are covered properly by the 2nd application.
But I like my nails fully painted so I would usually do a 3rd application
as 1 and 2 still have some empty spaces.

3rd Application
All nicely colored and smooth.
I didn't time myself but they dried rather quickly.

After adding Top Coat

I took about less than 10minutes to finish painting these 5 nails plus add top coat.
And if you are wondering, I left my nails looking like this.
They match well with one another so I fine having 5 fingers with 5 different colors.


That's all for this review!
I will be giving away one set of this nail polish in my Blog Birthday giveaway too!
So do keep a look out for that! ;)

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