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[Review] Make Up For Ever #iLoveAQUAsg Waterproof Makeup

Thursday 19 June 2014

I am back with another MUFE review post.
This time it's for their #iLoveAQUAsg collection!

A collection that highlights the love for color and conveys the passionate values of the brand
– free and easy applications, and limitless ways to play with make-up!

All the goodies I received :)
Aqua Lip // Aqua Rouge // Aqua Liner // Aqua Smoky Extravagant
Continue reading for the reviews and a look I created!


Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip ($34 each)

Aqua Lip never needs touch ups and keeps its promise as a long-wearing formula. Waterproof with a high concentration of pigments, it offers ultimate coverage. It can be used alone for an intense and long-lasting matte aspect. Its supple, precise tip simplifies use - while its anti-oxidant properties protect the lips from everything... even kisses! This product is available in 5 new shades that gives you sherbet-tinted lips. #21C Cool Candy Pink, #22C Tender Pink, #23C Apricot Pink, #24C Vintage Coral, #25C Orange Red.

Formula Secret
• High concentration of pigments for intense coloration.
• Volatile oils for long-lasting waterproof staying power.
• Jojoba wax and vitamin E - a natural anti-oxidant - for unparalleled comfort and easy application.
• High-viscosity polymer oil and polybutene with its powerful adhesive properties enhance the Aqua Lip formula’s staying power.

I received 3 shades from them.
#22C Tender Pink, #23C Apricot Pink, #25C Orange Red

My Review
I love how the lip liners glide onto the lips smoothly. These lip liners leave a matte finish so do remember to apply a balm before use! They are really long lasting, I pored some oil on it and it won't budge too! I'm not so much of a apricot lip color person and my favorite has got to be shades 22C and 25C!


Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner ($40 each)
4 new diamond-shimmer colors.

The high stability of a waterproof and smudge-proof liner that gets up close and personal with the eyelids. A water-resistant formula contained in an aqueous gel texture that is fresh and easy to apply. This summer, 4 new diamond-shimmer colors are release. #2 Diamond Black, #17 Diamond Grey, #18 Diamond Blue, #19 Diamond Pearly Pink.

Formula Secret
• Acrylic filmogen polymers for long-lasting waterproof and transfer-proof holding power. The hydrophobic virtues of the formula repel water and “seal” the pigments onto the skin’s surface.
• A “color-seal” complex sets the pearlisers and pigments - while preserving all their brilliance - thanks to an association of polymers and essential fruit amino acids. Glycerides confer the textures with anti-drying properties that are gentle on the skin.

Received 3 aqua liners from them as well.
#17 Diamond Grey // #19 Diamond Pearly Pink // #18 Diamond Blue

My Review
These aqua liners are very water-resistant, water won't even stay on them and they won't budge after drying. It's really good that you can control it to be sheer or opaque. I believe you can even use it to layer over your eyeshadows for some color/diamonds! They glide on smoothly and you can control the thickness too! The aqua liners do dry a little taut but it's not really an issue with me. Also, these liners have micro glitters (diamonds) in them! Normally, I'm not a fan of glitter eye liners but I fell in love with the pink and blue one! It's a good thing that the glitters are micro ones and not chunky ones though ;)

I did a look with those simple look with the pink and blue eye liners ;) Find it at the end of this post.


Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge ($41) &
Aqua Smoky Extravagant ($44)

Aqua Smoky Extravagant
Reaching even the finest lashes from root to tip, the coneshaped brush works wonders at lengthening and separating lashes with infinite precision. The non-sticky mascara texture glides over your lashes for zero-clump perfection, offering protection, lash extensibility and flexibility - which is what every woman needs for an everyday mascara!

Formula Secret
• Abyssinian Oil blended with iron oxide minerals creates an intense and brilliant black hue.
• Red Seaweed extracts offer protection, flexibility and lash extensibility.
• A complex of wax and humidifying agents provides great comfort and sheathing power to lashes.
• The association of polymers and a synthetic thermoplastic resin helps to improve water resistance.

Its voluptuous shape makes for easy handling. The thick elastomer fibres of the brush are twisted so you can stretch the lashes while separating them from root to tip - for that special volumizing and lengthening effect.

Light Rosewood Aqua Rouge
Remember the Limited Edition Aqua Rouge in MUFE Holiday 2013 collection? The color was so well-received, we have included it into our permanent range now! High in pigment concentration, Aqua Rouge ensures amazing coverage and is super water-resistant. Easy to apply with a professional stroke, it comes with two different applicators for exceptional velvety shine.

Formula Secret
• Promises long-lasting waterproof hold thanks to volatile oils and elastomer polymers that contribute to the excellent fixation and staying powers.
• Mica mineral powder enhances ease of use by optimizing a smooth application and by intensifying the colors.
• The gelling agents guarantee the velvety texture and touch that go with Aqua Rouge comfort.

I've reviewed the ones in MUFE Holiday 2013 collection here: MUFE Holiday'13 Review
The aqua rouge is supposed to be exactly the same.
The mascara is an improved waterproof formula!

My Review
The new aqua rouge is supposedly exactly the same but I feel there's a slight difference. The new aqua rouge in light rosewood seems a lil darker, more pink tone, and more saturated in color. I actually prefer the new one to the one from the holiday collection. I love pink lippies, the pink-er the better! =P

For the aqua smoky extravagant, the brush is basically the same the only difference is that this is waterproof! Of course waterproof one would be better! ;)


Tested all of them under running water, rubbed them and they don't budge at all!
Tested to be 100% waterproof!
I think I read it somewhere that this aqua series was actually formulated for the france water team!
So it definitely has to be waterproof else you will see horrible swimmers in the water :/


Here's a look that I put together with a couple of the products!
I did my face base and brows as per normal.
Here's how I do my face base and brows: MUFE full face tutorial
Only difference was my eyes and lips.

For the EYES,
1. Tight line your eyes with a Aqua Eyes Eyeliner (a kohl black eyeliner),
on both top and bottom lash line
I didn't like the bottom fully as that would make my eyes look a lot smaller.

2. Draw a thin line with a black liquid eyeliner
It doesn't matter if it isn't smooth as we will be adding another color above it.

3. Using #18 Diamond Blue Aqua Liner, draw a line above the black liner
You should be able to see a thin black line and a thicker blue line.
Thickness of the blue eye liner is up to you ;)

4. Apply #19 Diamond Pearly Pink Aqua Liner on the bottom of your eyes
Apply it lightly so it looks more transparent, like a natural glow.

5. Curl and apply Aqua Smoky Extravagant on lashes

And you are done with your eyes!
You can still apply eyeshadows if you want but I choose to keep it simple as there's already blue in it!

For the LIPS,
1. Apply lip balm on your lips
This is important as waterproof lip products can be drying.

2. Line your lips using #22C Tender Pink Aqua Lip and fill it in

3. Fill your lips with Light Rosewood Aqua Rouge
It's optional if you want to apply the gloss.
I applied very little so it's still a semi matte finish.

4. Apply Rouge Artist Lip Palette 06 Coral (red) on the middle of the lips
and spread them outwards
This will give you blended soft gradient lips.

And you are done with your lips!

That's all for this review! :)

This summer, MUFE AQUA star line is enriched with a total of 12 new arrivals!
Aqua Smoky Extravagant ($44),
5 shades of Aqua Liners ($40 each),
4 shades of Aqua Lip ($34 each),
Mist & Fix ($48)

For those who want to get the MUFE products from this range,
you can get them from the following stores:
Sephora ION Orchard
Sephora Ngee Ann City
Sephora Marina Bay Sands
Sephora Great World City
Sephora VivoCity
Sephora Plaza Singapura
Sephora Bugis+
MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy & Pro Loft
( 36 & 38 Armenian Street #01-06 & #02-06 )

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