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CLIV (Korean Cosmeceutical Brand) Launch at SaSa

Monday 21 July 2014

There's a new brand in Singapore SaSa!
It's CLIV (read as CL4), a skincare from Korea :)

They have lots of products out on display during the launch.
Different products for different purposes!
They were saying that you can use different range for day and night.
Eg. Hydrating in the day and repair at night.
That way you can target both problems.

Here are some of their products
(sorted by range):
Ultra Hydra Series

Ginseng Berry Series

Hyaluronic Stemcell Series

These are only three out of like more six series.
(sorry I lost count lols)

We were given an introduction by CLIV's Manager Mr. Garam Lee.
He and Ms Kaylen Choi flew over from Korea a day before the event!
All products are made of natural ingredients so you won't have to worry about a possibility of having a chemical reaction. Also, a lot of their products are high concentrate products! So definitely worth the money ;)

Raine and I were saying how flawless his skin looks!
(both Mr Lee and Ms Choi have super fair and flawless skin)
Mr Lee told us his age range and he totally looks younger than that!
So yes, some tips from him ;)

Tip #1: Double cleanse.
Tip #2: Use a hydrating toner right after cleansing.
(So all three products should be in your shower room)
Tip #3: Use masks (twice a week I think)!

A photo with Raine :)
New friend made at the event!

A photo of Raine and I with Mr Lee.

Goodies we received that day.
Looking forward to trying the ampoules cause they are super high concentrated!
And one can never have too many makeup hahas a new bb cream to the collection ;)

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