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Katelyn's Skin Evolution with IDS Skincare #2

Friday 18 July 2014

Hello hello!
Okays I've been taking random photos of my skin and have been wanting to do an update.
But just couldn't find time to do a full post as the past few months were rather hectic.
Anyways... here is a skin update that you all have been asking for!
P.S Sorry for the delay!

I first went for consultation at IDS Clinic on 21st March and...
my last post for IDS Clinic was on 16th April with a 3 weeks comparison.
So it has been 3 months... *guilty*

Btw, if you are wondering if I will continue with my Skin Evolution posts, the answer is YES.
Reason being: I know a lot of you are would want me to (cause I've received comments and emails asking me for updates) and I want to keep track of my improvements too.

Next post should either be about their facial or a product review.
Product review cause I already had it filmed months ago hahas.
Facial review cause I really love it! My skin felt sooooo smooth after the facial!


Skincare Routine
Within these 3 months, there has been some changes to my skincare routine.
P.S This is why it is necessary to go for skin reviews!

I started off with:

The current products I have:

If you follow my month in photos post, you would have known that on 7th May, I had an moisturizer and cleanser added to my routine. C2, T2, C+, PORE, CLEAR, OM, S2, SPOT. That's all the products shown in the photo above except for the mini pro bottle. Why I call it the magic bottle? You will find out later ;)

On 27th May, after I topped up my C+ and SPOT and also received that mini magic bottle. My routine was changed to C2, T2, magic gel, C+, OM, S2, SPOT. Had this change cause that "magic gel" product was their new product. I don't have the name for it hahas. But... I call it "magic gel" cause it really does wonders! I had a change in routine as my stubborn breakouts refused to go away :( But after using this for 10days, my breakouts were somewhat controlled and most of my acne were healed! There were still scars (of course) but at least the breakouts got controlled!

On 15th July, I went back for another review and another change to my routine. That's my current skincare routine. C2, T2, C+, CLEAR10, OM, S2, SPOT. I sort of ran out of that already and got prescribed CLEAR10. CLEAR and CLEAR10 are two different products. CLEAR10 is an upgraded version of CLEAR ;) Topped up my toner and sunscreen too (that's why the ones in the photo are new).

My current routine:
C2 Gentle Cleanser
T2 Oil Control Toner
C+ C-Plus
OM Oil-free Moisturizer
S2 Sunscreen
SPOT Blemish Treatment

My current favorites are C+, OM, S2, CLEAR10 and SPOT! They are all non-greasy/sticky :) If I am home and my skin gets too oily, I will usually wash my face and reapply these products.


Skin Update
Here's what some of you have been waiting for :)

Past (12th April) vs Current (14th July)

I guess you will think that the 12th April photo seems okay already right? Indeed it's much better as compared the skin to before going to IDS Clinic. But there were still new pimples popping up on my forehead, chin, and occasionally on my nose. Only the acne on my cheeks got a little more controlled. This was the reason why I had to go back to IDS Clinic for consultations. Each time Dr Tan will inspect my face, check what has been solved and what has yet been solved, and make changes to my skincare routine to target different problems!

After making a couple of changes to my skincare routine, as you can see in the photo taken on 14th July, the acne on my cheeks and forehead is rather controlled now. I still break out a little on my chin and nose area but less frequently. The scars on my skin is slowly fading but they are still there. Guess they will take quite abit for time to disappear :/ Of course it's still not perfect as the hyperpigmentation scars are all over my face. Also, I still do have new pimples popping out. But they are all more controlled now, less frequently as compared to the past, and less severe.

P.S Some of you might be wondering where are the hyperpigmentation marks. They are all over my cheeks, nose and chin area. They always appear washed out in photos, only the super darker ones appeared :/ Good for me I guess? Hahas. Anyways same camera used.

Current problems: Hyperpigmentation, occasional acne (but much lesser than before), large pores.
My current products are used to control my oily skin and occasional acne areas.
Will continue going back for reviews and stuffs to improve my skin condition!


IDS Clinic
Novena Specialist Center
8 Sinaran Drive, #05-07 to 10
Singapore 307470
T: +65 6568 3555


Guess that's the end of this update!
Hope this update is of some use/help to you all.
For those who are currently fighting their acnes, 화이팅 (hwaiting) ! ♥

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