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Los Angeles Week 4 Part 1

Sunday 31 August 2014

Back with another USA travelogue post!
Been rather lazy and kept procrastinating :/
But... I still want to record everything down!
Anyways, this is my second time writing this post!
Gonna write it with no date references (hope I get them right).
My first post got overwritten by me accidentally :(

For this Los Angeles Week 4, I'm gonna break it up into 2 parts!
Cause we didn't travel out of LA that week.
Part 1 will be mainly Santa Monica related.
Part 2 will be mainly Hollywood related.
Santa Monica is a city on it's own (I think) but Hollywood is only a district?
Initially I had no idea how I should label the post...
But since they are all inside LA, I shall just do it as a full LA week post!


Monday - 16 July 2012

A simple home cook meal to start off the week!
If I'm not wrong, that's curry baked rice :)
It's a good thing our apartment had a kitchen with built-in oven!


Tuesday - 17 July 2012

We have to go to school from Monday to Thursday.
But sometimes we will try to sneak shopping/attraction trips after class! :)

Took a bus to Santa Monica! :)

Please pardon the blur photos.
I didn't realize my phone camera lens was dirty :/
Anyways, next few photos from Amelia's camera!

It was summer so everyone's at the beach!!!

Photo spam at the pier hahas.
More photos below ;)

I have absolutely no idea what we were pointing at lols.

Group photo! :)
And since we were done at with the pier, it's shopping time!!!
You can take Bus 4 (direct bus) from Santa Monica Pier to Westfield Century City!

Westfield Century City Mall
10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90067

Shopping at Hollister (sister brand of A&F)!

All our loots hahahas!
It was rather late when we got there so we only managed to shop Hollister and H&M!

Us outside the boba (a.k.a bubbletea/milktea) shop!
Past by this shop and decided to give it a try. I think their milktea is actually Thai iced tea?
Or was it cause we ordered Thai iced tea? Hahahas.
Btw we were only holding our H&M bags cause they guys were carrying our Hollister bags for us! :)


Wednesday - 18 July 2012

A huge pack of popcorn!
Randomly saw a popcorn pushcart in school and we (the girls) decided to get one!
After that my bag smelled like popcorn LOL.
Oh and weida or jasper bought one pack too!
So we ended up having two packs of popcorns at home hahas.

We always randomly go to the mart after school.
It's always good to stock up food at home ;)
And ice breakers!!! Yums!!
Sis just went to USA this summer and they had new flavors!
She didn't buy a lot though :/

Past by chipotle and we bought lunch/dinner back :)
The first time I had Chipotle was when I was in New York!
Amelia recommended it and it's really not bad!

I think this is the address for the one in Westwood.
1077 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
United States

The guys went to collect the cars while the girls stayed home :)
After that we met up and went to Griffith Observatory!
This time we got a huge 7 seater car!
It was a free upgrade cause they ran out of medium sized cars =P

Pretty sunset! P.S Spot the hollywood sign!
We had a bad experience at this carpark though.
Another car stole our parking lot when we were reverse parking!
It's really packed there so everyone's snatching carpark lots :(
We ended up becoming human barrier to get a lot LOL.

Los Angeles the City of Lights!

A group photo before walking over to the observatory!

The walkway was very dark.
I think they purposely darken the whole area so you can see the stars?

At the entrance. Well we are tourists so can spam photos right? Hahas.

Pretty artwork on the ceiling!

And right at the entrance was this pendulum!
It's some ancient thing used to tell time I think?

We need to take an elevator to the roof!
There's a telescope there :)

Hmm sadly it was too cloudy to see anything that day.
Nonetheless, they did explain to us how this telescope works!

Here's a video!

Photo spam of the skyline!
And there, the clouds.

Photo spams along the way :)

Spot the hollywood sign... if you set your screen to the brightest setting, you will be able to see it.

Jump shots at a random dark place where no one walks to lols.

Then we went back into the building for some scientific stuffs.
Well... we are all engineers! ;)

Random snaps =P

Was roaming around and saw the other group of friends arrive! :)

Dinner at Denny's (one of the eateries that open till late)!
All quickly taken with my phone while waiting for all the dishes to be served.
That explains the horrible quality photos :/


Thursday - 19 July 2012

Yoshinoya and subway in school!
We rarely some over to this canteen cause it was quite out of the way?
But decided to come here for Yoshinoya hahas.

After school, it was another trip to Santa Monica beach!
This time, the guys are gonna go surfing!
Travelled there by bus again!
Cause we (the guys) returned the car the night before or in the morning!
It's convenient to travel to Santa Monica so there was no need for a car.

Photos while waiting for the guys to try their suits.
And yes, we bought In-and-Out on our way there :)
Above photos from Amelia's camera!

Lousy photos from my phone camera.
I didn't bring my DSLR out, left it at home.
How I wish I had my GF6 then.
Then maybe my USA photos will be prettier...
Cause half of the time in LA, I was lazy to bring my DSLR out hahas.

Photo spam! All from Amelia's camera hahas.
And there were lots of jelly-looking things on the sand.
They said those are jellyfishes?

More photo spams.
Amelia went to accompany Joy and Yusho.
Kuan Yee and I stayed to take photos and videos for the guys.
And omg we were freezing to death!
Humans please bring your jackets to the beach in the evenings!
The sea breeze is no joke.

Here's two photos taken using my phone!
The second photo is a candid shot for jasper?
I took it before he even posed hahahas!

Group shot spam at muscle beach!
It's actually connected to santa monica beach.
They've got lots traveling rings and stuffs there!

Well... after the photos I wrapped myself with the beach towel :/
Left my jacket at home!!! LA is mad cold and windy at night.

Past by an arcade at the pier and went in for a round of DDR =P

Dinner at Bubba Gump!
And yes, I am crazy enough to order a ice blended drink but it wasn't cold inside the shop!
I actually ordered that drink for the sake of the cup =P
It's pretty what! Lighted cups! I got a lighted ice cube from Disney World too!

Ended the day with Diddy Riese while we were walking home :)
This place always has mad long queues!
It was very cold that night so we only bought 2 to share.
The cookie is really fresh and soft the ice cream was just normal I guess.

Sometime during that week,
we bought ChipsAhoy and häagen dazs to make our own Diddy Riese at home too =P


That's all for the four days.
I finally managed to rewrite this whole post!!!
It has been 2 years but no matter what I will finish writing these travelogues.
It's nice reading these post as they do bring back memories.
I need to complete writing these before I forget all the little details that happened in USA!

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