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My Month In Photos (Aug 2014)

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Well August means back to school!
And since most of my friends are already working, I rarely meet people during weekdays.
Weekends mostly spent with family/at home so didn't take much photos.


Friday, 1st August 2014
Started the month with a hair pampering session at Pro Trim!

Full blog post here: My Hair Journey With Pro Trim Hair Salon #5


Saturday, 2nd August 2014
Attended Xinci's (study buddy) convocation! :)

Now time to be my shopping buddy ;)
Thankful daddy drove me to and fro NTU that day!

Tuesday, 5th August 2014
Attended Felicia's (roomie #2) convocation! :)

Oh and I didn't even wear eyeliner that day.
Only did my brows and wore a pink lip balm.
It was a morning ceremony and daddy was working so no car.
I ended up cabbing with my sis though lols.

Btw, funny thing happened after her convo lols.
She did a jump and throw mortarboard shot with her friends on the stage and...
one of her friend's mortarboard fell into to stage backdrop.
She will only be able to get it after they tear down the backdrop :/
Initially we were all damn shocked.
After that we just laughed it off when the office person said it's the first time this happened.
Lesson learnt: don't throw the mortarboard anywhere near the stage lols.

Tuesday, 12th August 2014
Togi with Felicia!

It ended up as a treat from her for helping her with her convo photos etc.
Told her don't need already but she still insist and said she got no cash, paying by card.
So I buay hiao bai abit and...

Thursday, 14th August 2014
First Day of School. Finally me final semester!
3 mods this sem and I managed to squeeze everything on Thursday!
Hopefully FYP meetings can be on Thursdays too though.
I don't wanna spend another day traveling to school :(
Travel 4+ hours for a 30mins meeting is no joke.
There's no way someone living in my area can travel to school in <95mins!

FYP meeting in lab.

Evening class for an elective mod.
Have to thank Raymond for this mod cause he took it last sem and told me to take it too! :)


Tuesday, 19th August 2014
Photo printing day!
I was actually clearing up space in my hard disk by deleting some useless stuffs.
But while I was at it, I decided to print some of my photos.
Ever since digital camera was invented, my family stopped printing photos.
So from Primary 3 onwards (I think), I stopped having printed photos :(
I think along the way I lost some photos due to changing of computers.
Till now I cannot find my JC choir on stage photos and videos!
Wanted to print one cos that's my 2nd/3rd real concert (not counting normal sch performances)!
Ended up asking roomie #1 for it hahas. I knew her since JC and she was in choir too.
Let's see if she can find hers :/ It's been soooo long (2008 photos).

Photos! Helped sis print some of her USA photos too :)
Printed them in 4R, some with two photos and some with four photos!
(cause some I don't think it's necessary to have sch a big photo)
(plus my album is an adhesive one so it's more scrapbook-ish)

That's 300+ photos! Hahahas.
I went to print another 100+ photos a couple of days later.

Cut cut cut!
Thank god I have a paper cutter at home!
Don't wanna imagine doing this using scissors :/

The thickest stack, my USA2012 photos!

For now hahahas.


Wednesday, 27th August 2014
Movie time! I rarely ask to watch a movie but this time I really wanted to watch The Giver!

Decided to ask Fel since she hasn't started work. All my working friends seem so busy :(
It ended up like a private screening with only 6 people in the cinema lols.
Glad that fel could follow through the whole movie even though she didn't read the book!
I think it can be a lil hard to understand? Cause they focused a lot on "precision of language".
"Precision of language" in the sense, they are not allowed to use certain words.
Eg. words like love, family, etc cause everything is supposed to be ideal and equal.
There's a reason why it's used as a literature "textbook" right? Hahas.

The reason why I wanted to watch this movie was cause it's my lower sec literature "textbook".
Read the story many times and really quite liked the storyline!
I remember our tutor telling us why they use a red apple (first colored object Jonas saw) in the book.
She said it was cause it's like a start, just like how kids start learning A for Apple.
It's red cause it's a something he was passionate about or something like that?
Okays I cannot remember much too lols. It as been years... I feel so old :/


Beauty Product of the Month
- Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh -

My current go to perfume! :)
It has a light yet fresh floral scent that I really like.
Has been on my wish list for quite some time and mummy bought it for me! :)
Thank you mummy! ♥


Music of the Month
- Shi Jian Kai De Wan Xiao by Shiga Lin -

時間開的玩笑 is my new favorite song this month!
Stole it from my sister who kept replaying it on Spotify =P

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