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My Month In Photos (Dec 2014)

Monday 5 January 2015

Had quite a few meet ups in december since it was after exams! :)
Btw, for those who don't know, I officially graduated on 29th Dec!


Thursday, 4th December 2014
Collected my prize for the halloween contest at Clozette's office.
Thank you all who voted for me! ♥

Attended Nuxe event with Yingjie :)
Will be doing another post sometime later.

After that we went to have dinner at Omakase Burger!
Love their beef burger. They remind me of the burgers I had in usa!
Juicy and yummy!


Saturday, 6th December 2014

Met up with Xinci and Marcel at Coffee Bean to sort our itinerary for seoul and jeju.

After that daddy came to pick me up and we went to CWP Crystal Jade
to celebrate my maternal grandma's birthday! :)
Ate till I was so full that day cause I had a heavy brunch
and this was a don't know how many course meal.
It was like endless serving of food lols.


Sunday, 7th December 2014

Had my first half marathon!
Joined with the easties :)
Shaiful drove us there so we didn't have to wake up that early hehe.

Monday, 8th December 2014

UCLA gathering at K.Cook Korean BBQ!
Haven't met some of them in a long long time.


Just realized I had a long break in-between.
I believe I was hibernating at home, healing my toes lols.
Toes were a lil swollen due to the marathon :/
Cause I forgot to cut my nails!
And I ran downhill. Opps.

Hmm and I think I was watching dramas?
15th to 17th: My Love From Another Star
18th to 19th: Liar Game
20th to 23rd: Sound of the Desert
24th to 26th: The Moon Embraces the Sun
And I think I completed most of the dramas that I want to watch? Lols.
Btw these 4 dramas are all really nice :)
Oh and I have the dates cause I was trying to see how many days I take to complete each hahas.

And I did this during my free time at home!
Map based on area for our korea trip :)


Friday, 19th December 2014

Visited IDS Clinic!
Was recommended to try their new Lyco White to help lighten my scars and for whitening!
Got quite tanned after the half marathon :/
Oh and the aim of this clinic visit was to ask Dr Tan for a winter skincare routine.
The previous time I went to HK, I broke out really badly after the trip due to dry skin.
Was still with DRx clinic then and they didn't have any appt slots.
So this time I made an appointment at IDS in advance #kiasu
and Dr Tan gave me a sample of their Intensive Moisturizer.
He also told me to visit Garosu-gil! :)
He's a really friendly doctor. Those who have consultations with him will know ;)

Met Fel and GK for lunch since they work nearby :)
Just realized I didn't take any photos at all!
Not even the food. Btw, we had yummy udon.


Saturday, 20th December 2014

Xmas dinner with the easties
After that we went to sing K till 2am lols.
Had lots of craziness at Teoheng!


Sunday, 21st December 2014

Grandma made popiah!
She made the ingredients on Saturday.
I got help too ok! I helped peel the eggs and peanuts and cut up the shrimps!


Saturday, 27th December 2014

Had my nails done at Ge.Nails!
Will be doing another post on it ;)

Visited Pro Trim to color my hair.
Mad love this new hair color.
Love it even more than the previous.
I thought the previous was gonna be my fixed fav.
Who knows Selyn could come up with another that I love even more!
It's the same honey brown collection.
But Selyn toned it down a little for me and also use diff techniques to add high and low lights.
Oh and I love the curls Selyn did too!
Thinking if I should fixed the perm now.
But fixed perm cannot have such curls right?


Sunday, 28th December 2014

Poulet with my JC girls!
Had another crazy time with them.
We have endless stuffs to talk about hahas.


Tuesday, 30th December 2014

Visited Pro Trim again for hair cut (since Tino was back) and also did a hair treatment!
Will do a blog post on it soon, together with the hair color post.


Wednesday, 31st December 2014
It's the day I take my flight to Korea!
Flying by Thai air and will be counting down on the plane lols.
No photos since this post was drafted on 30th December.


Beauty Product of the Month
- Sigma F80 Brush -

I think I've used this brush the most this month!
I use it for everything, from blending my concealor to applying my foundation :)

Music of the Month
- 有一種勇氣叫放棄 by 丁噹 -

Love this song! It's from a drama called Sound of the Desert (風中奇緣).
P.S Eddie Peng is so cute in the drama! Hehehe.
Btw, 35 episodes is really long for a drama but I think it's worth watching! :)

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