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Pastel Teddy Nails at GeNails

Friday 9 January 2015

Had my nails done at GeNails! GeNails was founded by Jeanne in September 2013. They are a home-based salon in Lavender (5mins walk from the MRT Station) and they do House Call (go to your place to do your nails) too. Prices are affordable and you can hire them for events such as Hen's Night, Bridemaids gathering and BFFs sleepover at customised package price! :)

Some of the samples that Jeanne did :) Photo on top are some designs for kids! So yes your little princess can have their nails done too!

Jeanne prepared lots of magazines for you to read through too. If you cannot make up your mind or need some last minute ideas, you can simply flip through these magazines while she prep and file your nails!

This is how the pedicure area looks like. A comfy area for with all the necessities! I didn't do any pedicure that day though. Pedicure normally takes about 1 hour.

Here's the manicure area. She has lots of nail polishes and stickers for you to choose from!

Swatches of some of the nail polishes she has. This is like only 3 out of 5 or more rings of colors?

More samples for you to consider!

Here was what I did that day. Pastel Teddy Nails! It was a mix and match from Jeanne's sample design! Initially I had wanted winter nails but Jeanne said I might get sick of it after I come back from Korea, which was rather true since it would be hot in Singapore by then and it won't match the weather anymore! So luckily she advised me hahas. Btw if you are interested, this set costs $70 (gel + nail art)!

I think the gel nail polishes that Jeanne use are of a good quality and Jeanne is super skilled at doing nails! I've been dragging luggages, forcing open keychain rings for the past few days and my nails haven't chip! Plus I have itchy fingers but no matter how I scratch, the nail polish won't come off! This is my 3rd time doing gelish nails I think? The first two times I did my gel nails elsewhere, they didn't event last for a week -.- The design done by Jeanne have been on my nails for like 5 days and it's still going strong. So yay!

Next month in the Chinese New Year. Are you looking for CNY nails? Here's some that Jeanne did! Pretty right?

Btw, good news! GeNails is giving 15% OFF Classics* & Extensive services from 1st to 31st January 2015! Check out www.genails.sg/services or https://www.vanitee.com/genails for detailed their pricelist. (*Package A & B prices are not entitled for discount). P.S you can even make direct booking on Vanitee.

Here's their address for those who are interested:
Block 467 North Bridge Road
Singapore 190467

Time to get your nails beautified! ♥

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