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[Review] Shop Taobao on 65daigou

Sunday 26 July 2015

Why shop on 65daigou?
I did a comparison of 65daigou shipping vs Taobao direct before so if you are interested, you can check out the blog post. To sum it all up, at 65daigou you can expect fuss-free shopping, cheaper shipping cost (due to repacking), a wide range of delivery methods, english site for taobao shopping, and lastly see what others' bought recently! But till date I've actually not shipped directly from Taobao before so I didn't compare their customer service hehe.

It has been more than a year since I last reviewed, do I still feel the same?
To be frank, I didn't shop on 65daigou for at least 3 months. So what happened was that my USA black friday orders and my CNY taobao orders were quite screwed due to high shipping volumes. The USA black friday orders took more than a month to arrive and the CNY taobao orders took like more than two months to arrive. I was so pissed I gave up on the site back then :/

But recently I gave the site a try again as I needed something from taobao. That's when I learnt that they actually expanded and even lowered their shipping costs! Anyways, it's great that they expanded and are able to handle larger volumes now so I will go back to shopping on 65daigou with no worries. My last two shipments had no issues at all :)

Why shop on taobao?
That site is madness, their items are sooooooo affordable! You have no idea how many friends I tempted into shopping on taobao. Hahahas. How could anyone not shop on taobao? ;)

Here's a full OOTD from taobao, everything only adds up to slightly more than $55 including shipping and agent fee through 65daigou and excluding the shades! This is like half the price of what you find in Singapore.

Actually there are cheaper options on taobao. Taobao sells lots of stuffs that costs less than $10 but I wanted items of better quality so usually I will only get those that are close to or at least $15 :/ My friend says I'm crazy but I think quality matters and it's still cheaper than SG stuffs anyway.

So yes, join 65daigou now to get your taobao stuffs! And for all those who are interested, 65daigou is having a free agent fee promo now! Promo is valid from 25th to 30th July so hurry and purchase your items now. It's really worth it cause their normal agent fees are like 8% of your total.

For more information, do visit 65daigou at their:

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