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[Review] Soufeel, For Every Memorable Day

Saturday 18 July 2015

Here's a photo of my new bracelet from soufeel. I know it's looks a lot like a pandora bracelet but it's sold at a fraction of its price! Also, the charms are not a direct copy, Soufeel has a different set of charms ;)

Soufeel products adopt 925 sterling silver and colored gems as main raw materials. With interchangeable charms, you will be delighted in many possibilities by selecting from over 500 designs of charms. The special part about Soufeel is that they also encourage customizing your own memorable charms with your themed photos to celebrate your memorable days!

Since Soufeel entered into jewelry market in 2011, their products have been sold in six continents such as Europe, North America and Asia Pacific area through approximately seventy countries and their customer service is located in Seattle.

Well, for those looking for promos, Soufeel offers free shipping for orders over SG$70, free ring for orders above SG$82.60, free S925 Charm for orders above SG$110.60 and lastly free S925 Bracelet over SG$138.60!

You might be thinking, why there all the weird cents amounts. It's actually because all their promo are converted from their US promo. So yes, regardless of where you buy from, you get the same price (as per exchange rate) and same promos!

My Review:
I'm loving my Soufeel bracelet :) I would say the quality is rather similar to Pandora's. Their bracelet actually looks the same and if you were wondering, I'm wearing a 17cm bracelet. For those who are planning on getting a Soufeel bracelet, do note that it runs smaller than Pandora's! Soufeel's 17cm is fitting for me while Pandora's is loose for me. I was advised to add 1-2cm to my actual wrist size to find my bracelet size. But I would advise that you add 3cm to your actual wrist size if you are getting a Soufeel bracelet.

As for the charms, I have to admit that Soufeel's collection might be a little smaller compared to Pandora's. I went back to their site and they launched new charms lately though. But anyways, I don't like a full bracelet. I think the current number of charms is just nice. So I'm happy with their collection.

The price difference is really huge actually. I just started working so I don't think I will spend on a pandora just yet. Soufeel is like half, if not lesser, the price of Pandora! The cheapest Pandora charm is $50+ while the cheapest Soufeel charm is $10+! Plus you just need to spend $130+ on charms and you will get a free bracelet and free shipping. Where to find such good deals right?

The beads come packed individually in mini zip locks so they won't get scratched/damaged when the whole box is shipped.

Anyways, I shall end this post with an additional goodie for all of you! Use coupon code "Katelyn5" for a 5% off Soufeel! Coupon code is valid till 20th August 2015 so do use it before it ends! Btw, if you prefer looking at SG prices, you may visit www.soufeel.com.sg.

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