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Rakuten Cashback & Coupon Codes with ShopBack

Thursday 27 August 2015

Do you know you can get cashback from your online shopping? If you didn't know, it's not too late to check out ShopBack now! ShopBack is a cashback Website and it is now available in Singapore! Shopping on Lazada, Expedia, Zalora, Agoda, FoodPanda, etc? ShopBack provides cashback for lots of Singapore online websites! Read till the end for your bonus credits! ;)

Image credit: Rakuten
For those who shop on Rakuten, it's time to get Rakuten cashback now! Eyeing that Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) or that Meiji Seika Fruit Gummy? Time to purchase some and enjoy more savings now with ShopBack! :)

Image credits: Groupon
At ShopBack, you can get Groupon cashback too! They now offer 4.0% cashback on Groupon. Just think about it. If you get the Suki-Ya Shabu Shabu 2 at $43.90 discount above, you can get back almost $2. So technically, you only spent $42+. The more you spend, the more you will get back! And yes, you can shop and earn TaoBao cashback on Taobao too. ;)

"Is it real, why so good one?" | "How it works?" | "Can I trust the app?"
Are these questions on your mind right now? Still doubting how ShopBack works? Check out the video below, I'm sure it will explain most of the doubts you have.

Hurry and visit ShopBack now! Sign up now at https://shopback.sg/r/kBxrwP for your bonus $5 credits! Happy shopping! :)

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