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[Review] Cheaper Shipping with 65daigou!

Sunday 16 August 2015

I'm back with good news for all - 65daigou reduced their shipping fee! With effect from 29th July 2015, all China shipment (Express Air, Economy Air, Sensitive Air and Sea / Sensitive Sea) for both Buy-For-Me and Ship-For-Me will be revised. For a similar price you used to pay in the past, you can now get your items faster!

:: Express Air - $4.00/500g $2.99/500g
:: Economy Air - S$2.50/500g S$1.99/500g
:: Sea (0-30kg) - S$1.70/500g S$1.50/500g 
   (30.01 - 60kg) - S$1.40/500g S$1.30/500g


Btw, for those who don't know, 65daigou inspects your items before shipping out to you! They will check the item quantity, color and labelled size. For instance, if you order a size M and the item arrives with a size S label, or if you ordered a white top but it arrives in pink, 65daigou will inform you and resolve it on your behalf!

Don't think that this won't happen ok. Taobao is the world’s largest C2C online store. Many Taobao sellers are individuals and some of them are amateurs. Occasionally, the sellers may make mistakes such as sending wrong quantity, size or design. It happened to me before and luckily 65daigou inspected the item and resolved it for me! Can you imagine if the time arrives after 10days but it's wrong and you might need to end up paying more to ship to and fro for an exchange too?!

However, do note that inspection only covers quantity, color, size, design and obvious visual defects. If it's a small defect like a scratch spot, they won't be able inspect that. But if there is any huge defect or mistakes, 65daigou will inform you about it and do the exchange immediately with the seller. This will save your time and money! :)


Well... sometimes I just wanna buy something but I have nothing in mind that I want to buy and taobao just has too much products so I have no idea where to start. I'm not a shopaholic okay, I just needed some retail therapy (not that I'm feeling stressed or anything though). Anyways, do I have any similar readers out here? Hehe ;)

If you are one, then you have to check out 65daigou's "Hot Category" and "Featured Collection"! This feature enables you to check out 65daigou’s all-time top favorite products. Showcasing hot items of recent purchases and shopping from Taobao, Amazon, Tmall, Alibaba, and etc, you can find almost anything under the sky! I pretty sure you will be able to find something there hahahas.


Ending this post with another full OOTD from taobao ordered through 65daigou and taken in Taiwan! :) P.S And if you are not strong in your mandarin, like yours truly, but there's a specific item that you want to find on taobao, then one tip from me would be to make Google translate your best friend hahas. If you need more taobao shopping tips then do check out 65daigou's guide to become a taobao guru! ;)

For more information, do visit 65daigou at their:

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