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[Review] BlanX White Shock Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Monday 11 September 2017

Cannot live without your coffee but hate how it stains your teeth yellow? Here's something you can try! There is a new teeth whitening product in the market, Blanx White Shock, labelled as Italy's No. 1 whitening toothpaste!

24-Hour Whitening Action
The product uses the Actilux® Technology, a patented compound ingredient that intensifies its whitening action in a natural way when exposed to the light.Together with its photocatalitic micro-crystals, Actilux® binds the enamel of the teeth during regular brushing, creating an invisible barrier that removes and blocks the causes of yellowing. Its whitening action lasts up to 24h after any application and is re-activated by the light. So, the more you smile the whiter your teeth get!

Immediate Whitening Effect
Blanx White Shock blue formula features an optical brightener that creates an immediate effect of whiter teeth, visible immediately, after the first brushing. I think this is very much like how image colour balance works - where blue cancels out yellowness?

Blanx LED Light
The light attached to the toothpaste has wavelight specifically designed to maximize the activation of Actilux®, the photocalitic ingredient continued contained in the formula. Also, by maximizing the activation of Actilux®, it also intensifies the anti-bacterial action of the formula on both toothbrush and teeth. Btw, The LED Light has a 3-month battery life and only comes with the 50ml set, but you can actually reuse it when you purchase the 75ml one!

Sounds like a really good product right? So I gave it a try and here's my review and the photo I took before trying the products and another taken 7 days later!

My Review: The product did not irritate my teeth at all, no sensitivity issues, and my teeth does look whiter in photos 7 days later (as shown in the comparison photo above)! Also, it did not have any strong chemical taste or smell. I couldn't really tell the immediate whitening effect cause usually even aesthetic dental whitening does not have much effect on my teeth. Honestly, I didn't even think my teeth became whiter till I saw the comparison photos as it is a really gradual effect. But it really does work as I even took curry during the period I was trying the toothpaste. P.S. I've been trying this toothpaste for over a month before I did this review, no comparison photo as it looks like the 7 days later photo hahahas.

Get your Blanx White Shock at selected Watsons, Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice today, keep smiling and achieve whiter teeth! :)

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