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[Review] Roaming Man - Affordable WiFi Rental to Stay Connected Globally

Saturday 7 July 2018

My fiancĂ© and I went to Japan earlier this month and we are glad we had our Roaming Man Wifi Device with us! For those who have not heard of the brand, Roaming Man is Singapore’s First Pocket wifi rental company that offers free delivery service to the doorsteps of the customers.

Problems with some WiFi options in the market!
We've tried using both overseas sim cards and wifi devices when we travelled last time. Although overseas sim cards come may come with call time, we don't usually use it cause there's whatsapp or line call now. As our phones do not support dual sim, we don't like how we have to change the sim card, also, setting up the phone as the hotspot will drain the battery! As for wifi devices, we've had good experience with them but we know some faced issues such as short battery life and poor wifi strength!

Why choose Roaming Man?
Roaming Man addressed the issues that some companies faced with their U2 device! It has a long battery life of up to 12 hours (or more) per full charge, unlimited wifi and it uses CloudSim Technology for stronger wifi connections! What's more, their prices are really affordable (as low as $3.50 per day, depending on promotion and country of visit) and they do free delivery to your doorstep!

Roaming Man wifi devices are free from sim card as they use the CloudSim Technology. The device is smart enough to detect the location and auto-assign a sim card number from their Telco Partners to power up the device. Unlike conventional devices which uses a specific overseas telco, Roaming Man wifi devices are able to connect to the strongest Telco within their agreements. In other words, users will automatically switch between Telcos during the duration of use to ensure a stronger and seamless connection compared to a single telco device.

Our review!
It's really convenient to have a Roaming Man wifi device when traveling as we get instant wifi connection the moment we land at the airport! Throughout our 10 days in Japan (Oaska, Kobe, Nara and Kyoto), the wifi connection was very strong and fast so we could post instastories wherever we went! Battery life was good too as it lasted more than 12 hours each day, we were out from about 8am to at least 10pm each day! It only died on one of the days but that was because it wasn't a full charge. The whole rental process is very fuss free! The order is made online, delivered to you and the give you a polybag and airway bill to courier it back to them when you are back! Hence, we will definitely recommend Roaming Man wifi to others!

Get your travel wifi devices from Roaming Man at sg.roamingman.com now! From now till 22 July, get the wifi device for Japan or South Korea at only $3.50 per day. Enjoy your trip! :)

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