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[Review] IDS Aesthetics Cryo Therapeutics Treatment

Sunday 29 July 2018

I was recommended to try IDS Aesthetics' Cryo Therapeutics Treatment for one of my facial visits cause my skin was dry and irritated after one of my overseas trips. And I have to say... this is the most skin-calming facial I've ever done, it really helped soothe and hydrate my skin! Also, it somewhat controlled my skin too cause I stopped having the mini breakout after that. Continue reading for my full review and a promo code (more than 50% off)!

Step 1: Microdermabrasion
This step helps to remove the dead skin on your face. The therapeutist was very careful as I had a few irritated bumps on my face and my face (cause it was the time of the month too). As you can see, your face had some red patches before the treatment, especially on the nose. My colleague had the same problem too and we were wondering if it had something to do with the office's aircon. :/

Step 2: Minor Extractions
They did minor extractions to help clear my pores and remove some bumps and they have to be really careful about how they extract as my skin was dry and irritated. For those who are looking for a facial that focus on more extractions, you may consider Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment instead.

Step 3: Cryo Technology
This is how they calm the skin down! The device soothes your skin at -15degrees, it's like winter on your skin. It felt super cooling and I tried really hard to keep myself awake lols.

Step 4: Facial Mask + Cryo Technology
They will apply a mask on your skin to give your skin vitamins and continue using the cryo technology over it as it helps to amplify absorption and maximise hydration.

Step 5: Mask
The last step is to leave the face mask on for another 10 minutes and you are done! I think I finally gave in to the z monster and fell asleep after taking a photo. Facials at IDS Aesthetics are always really comfortable! After 10 minutes of masking, the therapeutist will remove the mask for you, clean your face, apply sunblock, and you are good to go!

My Review:
I love this treatment a lot cause my sensitive skin really calmed down after the treatment. Right after the treatment, my skin was no longer red and my nose area, which was dry, stopped peeling too! Plus my skin felt a lot smoother as well. I actually went barefaced for my next appointment cause my skin was not red and had a very subtle natural glow! I would highly recommend this treatment to those who have sensitive and/or dry skin to help soothe and hydrate your skin!

For those who are interested, you can quote "KatelynCTT" for your first Cryo Therapeutics Treatment session at $99 (U.P. $220)Call 6568 3559 to enquire & book now! Remember to quote the above codes to enjoy the promo. Enjoy the treatment!

IDS Aesthetics
8 Sinaran Drive, #05-07
Novena Specialist Centre
Singapore 307470

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