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[Review] Sunset Sail Dinner Cuise on Royal Albatross – Asia’s Only Luxury Tall Ship

Sunday 19 August 2018

Royal Albatross Sunset Sail Dinner Cruise is a hidden gem in Singapore that you should check out! This harbour cruise is perfect for couples, and even family and friends, looking for a romantic/unique getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city! Enjoy a seated dinner with live entertainment on the super yacht, Royal Albatross.

Launched in October 2016, the Sunset Sail Dinner Cruise operates on every weekend on Singapore Shores. You can join Royal Albatross for sunset cruises or even book the whole yacht for a unique corporate or private event! The super yacht has an upper deck, main deck and basement, and can hold 180 guests at dock or 149 guests when sailing. Here are some photos:

Fore Deck on the Upper Deck
This is where we had our sit-down 3-course dinner and there's live entertainment too!

Aft Deck on the Upper Deck (Photo credit: Royal Albatross)
The bar is located here, together with the Flying Seat. We didn't manage to take any photos of the Aft Deck cause it was quite crowded but we managed to take a wefie on the Flying Seat! 

Grand Saloon on the Main Deck
For those who cannot stand the heat, check out the Grand Saloon as it is air-conditioned! 

Guest Suite on the Lower Deck
The guest suite is only available for special bookings such as weddings.

Alaric and I had the opportunity to join them for a their Platinum Cruise and it was an eye opener as we got to tour the super yacht too! Although le fiancé wasn't feeling well, we still had a really good time with the awesome sunset view, fresh air, 3-course dinner and live entertainment!

We were served the welcome drink when we were onboard and shortly after sailing, bread was served as well! With the Platinum Cruise package, you will be seated on the upper foredeck and served a plated three-course dinner! Here's what we had onboard:

Prawn Waldorf Salad
Consist of prawns, green apple, potatoes and celery.

The salad was fresh and I don't eat celery but surprisingly, the dish was so well seasoned I didn't taste it at all! Hahahas.

Main Platter
Consists of Roasted Chicken (instead of Roasted AUS Beef Sirloin Au Jus cause I don't take beef) served with potatoes, Slow Roast Turkey Breast served with seasonal vegetable and sweet shallot chestnut confit, Roasted Cumberland Chicken Sausage served with onion chutney, Atlantic Prawns & Mussels, Roasted Vegetable in Garlic Cream Sauce and Buttery Mashed Potatoes.

The food, especially the seafood, was really fresh and the buttery mashed potatoes was smooth. If you have any dietary preferences, do let them know in advance - we didn't have any beef. I didn't eat much though as I was feeling bloated, but Alaric finished all the food hehe.

Dessert Platter
Consists of Bread Butter Pudding, Chocolate Brownie, Mango Pudding, Mini Lemon Meringue and Yorkshire Pudding.

Our favourite were the Bread Butter Pudding and Chocolate Brownie. The Chocolate Brownie was so moist and chocolatey! P.S. The bread butter was supposed to look better than this but they served it when we were taking photos of the sunset and we took awhile to return to our seats.

The Tall Ship Royal Albatross aims to create memories without the hassel for everyone, and at an affordable price. Hence, they have special packages for those celebrating birthdays for their loved ones and even proposal packages for the misters who are proposing to their missus. We witnessed a few birthday celebrations onboard and there was also a proposal! The Royal Albatross had a different feel on the return ride as it had pink spotlights shining, so you wouldn't be board of sail, and we also caught a really pretty sunset on the way back to Sentosa #nofilter!

Tip: Board early to get the outer seats for a better view and it's also easier to take photos!

For those who are interested, tickets are available at $195 (platinum) / $165 (gold) per adult and $145 (platinum) / $125 (gold) per child. Visit www.tallship.com.sg now to find out more or make your reservation!

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