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Katelyn's Zenyum Experience: About Zenyum and 2-Weeks Review

Sunday, 30 December 2018

My wedding is 3 months away and I'm finally doing something to fix my teeth! Many of my friends commented that my teeth are straight and that there was no need to straighten them. But... there's this tooth that bothers me cause it's the only one in the upper row that is not aligned and I want to get it fixed before my wedding! Also, my lower teeth are rather messy, they are hidden when I smile so not many people knew. So I'm currently undergoing Zenyum Invisible Braces to straighten my teeth and I will be recording the entire journey on this blog. For a start, here's why I went with Zenyum instead of other invisible aligner brands.

1. Price
Zenyum has a first consultation cost that's between $120 to $160 (depending on the location of the partner clinic) and the treatment costs $2,200 nett excluding post-treatment retainers. I went to another clinic for a consultation of Zenyum's competitor invisible aligners and was quoted a range of $5,500 to $6,500 for the same treatment (they couldn't even give me a fixed price before I commit to the treatment). Zenyum's price was a major draw for me cause I like how it is fixed and it is really affordable. I had plans to take up the Zenyum treatment before they offered the collaboration.

2. Suitability
I'm suitable for both Zenyum and Invisalign, so naturally I would go for the one that is more affordable. Zenyum is unable to shift your molars and cannot correct bite issues, it focuses on the aesthetic corrections of the front teeth. Hence they all have a consultation to check your bite to determine your suitability. Also, I was advised by both dentists to shave my teeth to create some space so I don't have to pluck my molars. I will share more about this later.

3. Convenience
I very busy with all my wedding planning now and I like how Zenyum is very digitalized and convenient. Pre-checks are done using photos to determine if you are suitable. What's more? Zenyum has an app to send you auto reminders to change your aligners and you can also use it to chat with your dentist and send photos for a virtual review. Very convenient right?

Now on to my review about Zenyum's procedure and my 2-weeks experience with Zenyum!

I'm undergoing the Zenyum treat meant at Tanglin Dental. So far the Zenyum experience from customer service to dental appointments and the Zenyum Invisible Braces have been good! Their customer service officers are prompt in their replies and follow ups and I got my Zenyum Invisible Braces set in a month. The dentist at Tanglin Dental is good and I didn't encounter any discomfort or post Interproximal Reduction (IPR) procedure sensitivity. IPR procedure is usually done to correct crowding, or reshape the contact area between neighboring teeth, by "shaving" the teeth. I did the procedure to correct overcrowding so I don't need to remove my molars!

The Zenyum Invisible Braces are very easy to wear and the treatment plan is easy to follow! All you need to do is to change your braces every 5 days (or per planned) and the braces are packed in Ziploc bags and colour tagged so you know which to use next. Similar to other braces in the market, each time you tighten your braces (in this case, change to a new set of invisible braces), you will feel slight tightness and feel a little uncomfortable in your teeth, but it usually goes a way after a day.

I love how the Zenyum Invisible Braces are really invisible even up close. So many people who asked to see my teeth couldn't see the braces at all. There's no need to worry if you would look different in it or if there's a need to remove them for photos. The invisible braces didn't help me lose weight though, I thought I would be too lazy to remove them to eat but I was wrong hahas. Even though it's the festive season and I've been dining out more often, it's not that troublesome to be on the treatment as they are easy to remove and wear back. Most importantly, it's affordable compared to other options in the market and convenient! P.S I'm wearing the aligners in the below photo!

These are my thoughts after wearing the Zenyum Invisible Braces for 2 weeks and I will share more updates (including before and after photos) thoughout this treatment. If you are keen, you may submit your interest for Zenyum Invisible Braces online and share the promo code "Katelyn50" (to enjoy $50 off your aligners) when their customer service officers contact you for more info to determine your suitability. Happy Holidays!


  1. Hi hi. Did you had to pay the full $2,200 upfront or is it by installment?

    1. Hi Syha, I'm actually collaborating with them so there wasn't any payment involved. However, Zenyum offers both one-time payment and instalments over an 8-week timeframe.

      Regardless of which method you choose, you will still get all the aligners needed for your treatment up front, making it convenient to plan ahead in case you travel. And if you are keen, you can use my Zenyum promo code Katelyn50 in your first email interaction with them to enjoy $50 off your aligners! :)

  2. "Many of my friends commented that my teeth are straight and that there was no need to straighten them."
    One look and it's hard to not notice that your teeth aren't straight.
    It's a good step getting your teeth fixed! and even better that it's sponsored! You're so lucky!

    But thankfully Zenyum is a much affordable option compared to Invisalign! Thank you so much for your post, hopefully it works just as well! :)

    1. Hello, yes it's very obvious to me too but some of them only see the two bunny teeth and think there is no point spending over $5000 to fix them (that's before Zenyum was available). Also, I think it is more obvious in certain photo angles hahas.

      No prob, always happy to share reviews. Zenyum is indeed a much more affordable option and I'm looking forward to having straighter teeth at the end of the treatment! :)