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Katelyn's Zenyum Experience: 4-Months Update and QNA

Sunday, 12 May 2019

As shared previously, I started this Zenyum teeth straightening journey as I wanted to have straighter teeth on my wedding day in March 2019. I was only about a third into my Zenyum Invisible Braces treatment by the time it was my wedding but I was glad that my teeth was visibly straighter than it was before, especially that upper tooth that bothered me the most! So here's another post! :)

1. Any updates on the Zenyum treatment after wearing for 4 months? (Dec to Apr 2019)
Here are my before and after photos which many of you have been asking for. The after photo was taken 4 months into the Zenyum treatment, at the end of set 6.

I had my wedding in March and I travelled quite a bit in April. I'm glad that by the time it was my wedding, most of the gaps had already closed up and my teeth was also significantly straighter. I knew my teeth wouldn't be perfectly straight by then (so yes, it is important to plan ahead and start early) but it was straighter than I had expected!

2. Did you have your invisible braces on your wedding day?
I didn't wear it in the day, only in the wee hours in the morning when I woke up and late at night when I went to sleep. I did ask the dentist if I could do so and they shared that it's alright to do that for a day but the braces would feel tight again. Btw, I didn't wear the braces not because they could be seen (they are really invisible), but because I had to eat and drink throughout the day and it was troublesome to brush my teeth with the gown on. Here's a wefie taken during our wedding (without aligners on).

3. Who does the treatment planning and monitoring for Zenyum?
Depending on which partnering dental clinic you chose to visit, a dentist/orthodontist will be assigned to plan and monitor your treatment. They partner with a number of dental clinics islandwide so I don't think it would be hard for you to find one near you.

4. How do you monitor your treatment since you don't go for reviews with the dentist?
To clarify, you can go to the dental clinic for a review with your dentist/orthodontist every 2 to 3 months. In between, you are also required to update your dentist with photos via the Zenyum app each time you change to a new set of braces so they can monitor if they still fit well. You can also chat privately with your dentist on the app and they usually reply quite promptly.

5. How long did it take for the IPR gaps to close up and how big were the gaps?
My teeth had gaps that were 0.2 to 0.5mm after the IPR, so some closed faster. By the time I started my 7th set, most gaps had closed except for 2.

That's all for my updates. For those who are keen to give undergo the teeth straightening treatment, you can use my Zenyum promo code "Katelyn50" in your first email interaction with them to enjoy $50 off your aligners! Do feel free to keep your questions coming via email or comments, and I will update again in 2 months' time!


  1. Hi, is it required to remove the braces before eating/drinking and brush your teeth before wearing them again?

    1. Hello! Yes, you are required to remove your braces when you eat or drink sweet/coloured drinks. They advise to always brush teeth before wearing the aligners again but if you are really unable to, you can take a good rinse, make sure there are no big food chunks left behind in the mouth that could damage the aligners, before wearing your aligners. :)

  2. Hi are you currently still wearing the invisible braces? And the how long do you need to wear the invisible braces for?

    1. Hi, yes, I'm still wearing the invisible braces. My treatment plan is about 9 months long (most likely gonna extend a little cause I haven't been changing my aligners per planned).

  3. Hi, for subsequent reviews with the dentist, do we have to pay?

    1. Hi, the process is usually monitor via the app and there may be 1-2 checks at the dental clinic during treatment which are free! Do note that it's purely for a review and it does not include any cleaning or whitening.

  4. Hello do you have a latest post on your teeth transformation please... i am considering zenyum as I have an event in dec... if it is 4 months... do you think there will be a noticeable difference? How is different from invisalign? Appreciate youre replies... thanks

    1. Hi, I'm trying to get the post up this weekend. Sorry to keep you waiting! ><

      You can take reference on how much my teeth moved in 4 months in the photo comparison above. That said, I wasn't that diligent else it should have moved more. Perhaps you can let Zenyum know that you have an event in 4 months and see what they can do cause the treatment speed varies! It really depends on how serious your condition is.

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