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I didn't use skincare for a month, here's what happened!

Tuesday 17 December 2019

If you think you can survive without skincare, think again. I've been using IDS Skincare for 6 years and it's the only brand that my skin wouldn't get "immune" to and it stays effective! I keep my skin quite exclusive to IDS and have been rejecting sponsorships from other skincare brands cause I have extremely sensitive skin. So yes, I only use mainly IDS Skincare products for now. But cause they don't add frangrance their products, my hubby didn't like how they smell. He didn't believe skincare is compulsory and so... after I got married, I went 2 months without skincare and my skin totally went crazy. 

BEFORE: After going 2 months without skincare
AFTER: After being back to IDS skincare for a month

This was how my skin looked like after I went without skincare for 2 months vs after going back to IDS Skincare again. It was bad to the extent even concealor wasn't helping and many started asking what happened to my skin. I was super self conscious then, took lesser photos and it was also quite tiring having to keep repeating the story about how my hubby couldn't stand the smell of my skincare. By the way, it doesn't smell weird at all and it's quite faint. He just happened to have very sensitive nose. -.-

So there's really a difference if you use or don't use skincare! At least for my case, cause after being back to using IDS Skincare for 1 month, my skin cleared up again, thankfully! If you are wondering how IDS saved my skin, these were the products I used day and night, it's also my latest skincare routine.

• C1 Refreshing Cleanser
• T1 Refreshing Toner
• PF Pore Formula
• C+ C-Plus
• BC Blemish Clear
• A+ A-Plus with RS Recovery Serum (1:1 mix)
• ER Eye Rescue
• DS Dermashield Serum
• S2 Non-tinted Sunscreen

I switch between C1+T1 and C2+T2 depending on my skin condition, whether it is oily or dry. PF, C+ and S2 have been very much a staple in my routine since day 1 of using IDS Skincare products! I was recommended to use BC, A+, RS and DS only in recent years cause some are newer products. RS has totally replaced my love for OM - it is so calming for my skin and keeps it hydrated. I do still use OM after RS on days when I need slightly more hydration for my skin and IM when I'm in cold countries though. ER wasn't a compulsory product for me but I asked doctor if I could use it and I have to say, the product is so good - it's the best de-puffing product I've used!

Anyway, now my hubby reminds me to apply my IDS Skincare every night lols. And trust me, skincare is really very important and thank god I had IDS Skincare to help restore my skin again!

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