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Katelyn's Zenyum Experience: 8-Months Update and QNA

Monday 30 September 2019

Here's the bi-monthly Zenyum update that I promised you all! I'm supposed to have completed my treatment but I haven't been that diligent when it comes to the changing of my aligners so I will take a slightly longer time to complete all 14 sets of aligners.

1. Any updates on the Zenyum treatment after wearing for 8 months? (Dec to Aug 2019)
As you can see, there's a very big difference in my before and after now! My teeth are close to becoming straight but those 2 problematic teeth (one on the top and another on the bottom) will take a few more aligners to completely straighten out. Can't wait to have fully straight teeth, and yes, I need to be more diligent, else my treatment will keep delaying.

2. Are you still wearing the braces? How long do you need to wear them?
Yes I am! I have 13 sets of aligners and 2 sets for overcorrection. My treatment was supposed to be less than 8 months (i.e. end in Aug). But I travelled quite a bit after my wedding so I extended my treatment since I didn't wear my aligners for 22 hours a day. As I'm writing this post, I'm on set 12 of my aligners and will most probably have to continue for at least 2 more months. The treatment might be extended too cause I might need extra aligners to close up the gaps from the IPR treatment.

3. Does Zenyum cost only a flat $2200?
It used to cost only $2200 but now Zenyum is subjected to GST. Zenyum treatment now costs $2400, including GST.

4. Do we have to pay for subsequent visits to the dentist?
The treatment process is usually monitored via the app and there may be 1-2 checks at the dental clinic during treatment which are free! Do note that it's purely for a review and it does not include any cleaning or whitening.

5. Are you required to remove your braces when you eat or drink and brush your teeth before putting them on?
Yes, you are required to remove your braces when you eat or drink sweet/coloured drinks. They advise to always brush teeth before wearing the aligners again. But if you are really unable to, you can take a good rinse, make sure there are no big food chunks left behind in the mouth that could damage the aligners, before wearing your aligners.

That's all for this post! Feel free to send your questions to me via email or leave a comment down below! For those who are keen to undergo the teeth straightening treatment, you can use my Zenyum promo code "Katelyn50" in your first email interaction with them to enjoy $50 off your aligners!


  1. Did zenyum’s treatment plan show how the final results (new smile) will be? Do you think it’s true to your current result? Also, thanks for posting your journey. Your blog has been a great guide. I think I found more info here than on Zenyum’s website ��

    1. Hi, yes, they have drawings of how the teeth will shift. I think so far it has been quite close to the original plan, except for one tooth. I'm close to completing the treatment and I'm waiting for Zenyum to advise me on the steps for further enhancements.

      Glad the posts have been useful to you! :)

  2. Hey! Thank you for sharing this info. Do you think zenyum can help overbite or buckteeth problems? Coz I got a bit overbite, ermm.. Or can say as my jaw is a bit too front..

    1. Hi, I think they can fix buckteeth but I was told they can't fix bite issues since Zenyum only shifts the front 6 teeth. Maybe you can send them photos to determine your eligibility and see if it suits you?

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Have you completed the treatment? How did the further enhancements go?