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[Hospital Grade Pumps Review] Pumpables SuperGenie vs Spectra S1+

Friday 9 October 2020

When I was pregnant, I was very sure I wanted a hospital grade pump cause I was worried I won't have any breastmilk at all since I was formula fed. Plus I came across some posts in mummy groups about how they got engorged cause their pump wasn't able to clear them fully. I bought a Spectra S1+ since it was popular amongst mummies in Singapore but eventually switched to using a Pumpables SuperGenie after reading the raves by mummies in the mummies EDD telegram chat I am in. So here's a comparison of both pumps! [Note: Use promo code SHOP10-KATELYNTAN for 10% off storewide on pumpables.com]

Pumpables SuperGenie

The Pumpables SuperGenie is a hospital grade dual pump. Though it seems like an Australian brand, it was actually founded in Singapore! It is retailed at SGD345 before 10% discount with promo code "SHOP10-KATELYNTAN" and comes with 2 years warranty. Below are the technical specifications:

• Modes: Massage or Expression
• Cycle Speed:
   - for massage mode: 9 Settings, 72 to 104 CPM
   - for expression mode: 16 Settings, 40 to 70 CPM
• Vacuum Strength: up to 16 Levels, up to 330mmHg
• Size: 196.9(W)mm x 71(D)mm x 162(H)mm
• Weight: 1.12kg

Spectra S1+

The Spectra S1+ is a hospital grade dual pump manufactured by a korean brand. It is priced at SGD398 for local set with 1 year warranty or SGD171 for korean set without warranty sold on Qoo10. For the comparison chart I will feature the local set since many do buy it locally. Below are the technical specifications:

• Modes: Massage or Expression
• Cycle Speed:
   - for massage mode: 5 Settings, 70(C1), 80(C2), 90(C3), 100(C4), 105(C5) CPM
   - for expression mode: 5 Settings, 38(C1), 42(C2), 46(C3), 50(C4), 54(C5) CPM
• Vacuum Strength: up to 12 Levels, up to 320mmHg
• Size: 190(W) x 190(D) x 186(H) mm
• Weight: 1.33kg

Both the Pumpables SuperGenie and Spectra S1+ are easy to use plug and play, hospital grade, closed system dual pumps with night light. The prices are also similar if we compare local sets. Korean Spectra sets are cheaper but they do not come with warranty and you need an adapter to charge.

An obvious difference is the size of the pumps, Pumpables SuperGenie is a lot more compact and portable compared to Spectra S1+. Personally I find Pumpables SuperGenie more comfortable. It has a stronger suction but it is less painful compared to the Spectra S1+ since it massages instead of pull. The pump settings for Pumpables SuperGenie is more customisable with more levels and the motor is softer at higher frequency and vacuum. I usually increase the vacuum strength as I pump, but I've never gone past C05, L03 when using Spectra S1+ massage mode cause instead of having a stronger suction, the suction felt the same and the motor was just making more noise and vibration. So noise level wise, Spectra S1+ is softer when comparing vacuum suction level L03 or less, while Pumpables SuperGenie is softer when comparing vacuum suction level more than L03. However, Pumpables SuperGenie's battery life is shorter than Spectra S1+ and requires to be charged more frequently.

The breastshield size for Spectra S1+ is fixed at 28mm which is too big for many mummies. When I first got the Spectra S1+, I ended up having to spend more money buying the additional breastshields. Lucky for me, the Lactation Consultant (LC) at Mt E Novena advised me on the breastshield size during my stay there so I didn't have to spend more money to trial and error. If I had known about the Pumpables SuperGenie earlier, I would be able to save more as it allows you to choose the breastshield size when making your order and they have professionals at the online fitting room to help you find the right size! The only convenient thing about Spectra is that the pump parts can be readily purchased in stores in Singapore while Pumpables takes 2 to 3 working days to deliver.

As for milk supply, I did a test using 3 days average to compare between Spectra S1+ with the original hard flanges versus Spectra S1+ with Pumpables Liquid Shield Kits versus Pumpables SuperGenie with Liquid Shield Kits. With the same number of pumps each day, including one latch and one power pump, I had the least yield when I use Spectra S1+ with the original hard flanges, and I had the highest yield when I use Pumpables SuperGenie with the Liquid Shield Kit. Compared to my initial yield (per pump) I get when I pump using Spectra S1+ and the original hard flanges, my per pump volume increased by about 10ml when I use the Liquid Shield Kit and 20ml when I use the Pumpables SuperGenie with Liquid Shield Kit. I am a close to enough supply mum, so 10 to 20ml makes a big difference for me!

Lastly, Pumpables SuperGenie comes with a UK (adjustable head) c-type plug, so it can be used at Singapore power points without any adaptors. If you get the Korean Spectra S1+, it comes with 2 round pin plug and an adaptor is required. Pumpables SuperGenie is very convenient to use cause of its memory and program function, you can create your own program or download others' to use, so no more toggling during pumps! Spectra S1+ on the other hand requires manual toggling between massage and expression modes, plus it automatically switches off at 30 minutes and it doesn't help that I need to pump for 40 minutes with the Spectra S1+ to clear better.

Very wordy right? So here's a comparison chart of the hospital grade Pumpables SuperGenie and Spectra S1+ to make things easier for you to understand!

Hope this helps those who cannot decide between the Pumpables SuperGenie and Spectra S1+! Note: For mummies who are thinking of switching pumps, do give your body a week or two to get used to the new pump.


  1. Hi,where can i purchase the pumpables genie pump?

    1. Hi, you can purchase it on pumpables.co but it seems like they stopped selling to the SG market.